Stop silencing ink stans please

we have every right to be upset.

ink never had weekly updates. ink never had a wishlist. ink doesn’t even have half the cool shit limelight does.

put yourself in our shoes for once and stop bashing us when we express our frustrations. thank u, next


A LOT of stuff ppl had been asking for in INK had been blantantly ignored…but now LL has all of the stuff INK fans were asking for long ago


and that’s a shame


That’s true. :thinking:


Personally, I haven’t seen anyone silencing ink fans. I’m not sure why, but I’ve noticed this sort of feud (if you could call it that) between both LL and Ink.

Ink is amazing and will always be cherished, but it’s no longer being updated anymore. I’m not sure why people keep pushing for those updates when it’s never gonna happen.

It sucks those frequent updates never happened in the past, but now Episode’s attention is on new things. I think it’s time everyone moves on and stops arguing over both styles.


I completly agree i hate when people bash me for saying that i like LL more than ink i mean yeah ive been playing since the first day episode came out so i had been waiting for better styles for so long and lets be honest LL looks way better than INK and the fact that the episode creaters create what we ask for we should just shut up and appreciate it because we ourselves dont know how hard it is to run an entire app that millions of people use so things take time of course,so they arent just throwing random stuff out there but in my opinion LL is definetly better no doubt​:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:Im definately impressed and proud of what episode has become plus there are so much more animations and stuff being added along with outfits and facial features,hairstyles etc ,but dont get me wrong i still enjoy a good INK story every now and then but its time to leave it in the past because they aint gonna be filling any request regarding INK​:cry:


I hear you there.
Ink still exists, and a lot of stories are still being written using it! It would be great if Episode updated Ink every now and again as well, but to be fair to them, they’ve clearly explained why they update Limelight.

No offence to anyone!


Well, even Classic had a mass update where the uploaded all the hidden features at once before discontinuing it completely. I’m not sure why they couldn’t have extended the same courtesy to INK before pulling the plug on it.


Same. I told this girl (who was bashing LL) that i actually liked ll and preferred it over ink. She literallly responded saying i was being “disrespectful” and then deleted her comment and blocked me. Like ???

Regardless of whether you like LL or INK, people are allowed to have their own opinions.




No one in the community gets silenced for stating opinions that don’t violate the forum rules. Ink no longer being updated has been addressed on these forums multiple times.
Time to start coming to terms with it folks :exploding_head:.