Stop spamming your stories on topics made by others to promote their own story

Serious. Cant even read. Its so annoying


Seriously. Go on a review thread.


It’s gotten so annoying by now.

People who do this, please follow the rules.


Super annoying! They’re like story spam bots. :expressionless:


I am not judging those people who do it, but it is pretty (even very) rude to share their story on another person’s thread, who reviews/shares his own story, so people here would read it. If you want to share your story, then create a thread of yours for it.

Please follow the guidelines and stop doing this

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We are sorry to see that this is happening :sob:. As always, please flag any topic/post that might be violating the forums rules. Also, please refer to our example below for a common issue regarding the current topic of conv:

The thread above is an example of one of our members who is a bit confused as to where to correctly create R4R topics. But no fear! We are here to help and explain :grin: Please make sure that you are creating your R4R threads in the correct section of the forums.

Read 4 Read (R4R) only belong in the Promote Your Story sub forum, as you can see above.

“But where can I go to create a feedback thread where people can share their opinions with me without any R4R?!”, you might ask.

This is what the Share Feedback section is for, as you can see in the screenshot above.

What to take away from this?
R4R = Promote Your Story
Feedback Only (Non R4R) = Share Feedback

But please remember. Not every person does this. So when you see someone creating threads in the incorrect category/sub forum, please flag the post so the forum team can address it. Yes, we are on the forums juggling many different thing’s and chances are that we don’t see every rule violation. So please continue to make us aware of them by flagging the post’s and/or threads.

We do apologize if the wording in the descriptions has caused any confusion :cry:. But rest assured we are actually working on updating the forum rules to make them a bit easier to understand. Feel free to reach out to @Sydney_H or myself with any questions you have regarding where to correctly post on the forums and we will make sure to get back to you. Thanks all and I hope this helps a bit :nerd_face::wink:.

P.S Moved to Site Feedback as this is regarding the site and was originally created in the General Chat sub forum / category intended for all non Episode related discussion. Also note that creating threads in incorrect sections of the forums is also a rule violation as you can see above. Feel free to check out our Forum Tutorial which explains in detail where to correctly create threads on the forums. Hope this has helped a bit :wink:


I agree with you!

It’s so annoying when you never mentioned anything about a read for read, and people automatically assume they can write one anyway. It’s like they want to be the boss of the thread and take over the position of the Original Poster. Umm…you can create your own thread with your own rules :confounded:

It needs to stop :pleading_face:


that explains it. Thanks @Jeremy :sunglasses:

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read what @Jeremy posted. I think that is the reason why they are doing it.

But Im not looking for feedback though. All I want is to promote my story. So that should be in the Promote your story subforum :thinking: Maybe there should be a R4R subforum as well.

As it states here it’s also meant for promoting according to the forum admin and is posting your story on topics not meant for that against the guidelines :woman_shrugging:t2:

Mr.@Jeremy, may I ask what R4R is?

Read For Reads

Yeah, but what is it?

you read someone story, and they will have to read your story in return.

Okay… it sounds nice, but I wouldn’t do it.

Thank you, @lanafrazer_episode :blush:

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You are absolutely correct. That should never have said that and has been removed. You can now consider Promote Your Story to be R4R friendly for any thread created in it.

If you are looking for a place to promote your story without receiving any replies or feedback then I would recommend trying social media with the privacy settings turned to private. The purpose of creating a thread on the forums is to receive reply’s and feedback. Hope this helps. :peace_symbol:

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Okay, clear🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe delete the Admin post in the subforum Promote your story then? This topic can be closed btw.

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^^^ Addressed this already. Thanks!


Closed as per Op request. Thanks all! :peace_symbol: