Stop the flagging!

I actually recently had my post restored was told it was flagged incorrectly.
Thank god :slight_smile:


That’s a relief, why did you get flagged?

honestly, I posted a question on the writers criteria change thread asking if anyone has seen an update to the new criteria, apparently it became a story on IG and a bunch of people got nervous that Episode would see it and realize they didn’t implement the change and they all got their panties in a bunch and decided to flag the post in hopes Episode wouldn’t see it, and finally implement the changes, it’s actually kind of stupid and ignorant on their part thinking that the changes wouldn’t be made unless someone brought it to their attention.

:woman_facepalming: :roll_eyes:


I definitely feel like if people are caught flagging a certain amount of posts irresponsibly they should lose their right to flag, teach 'em a lesson, like the boy who cried wolf.





Exactly and it should be called “false flagging” when people flag for no reason, can’t respect and handle people’s opinions or just for fun.

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