Stop the pan command

Is there a way to stop the “&pan” command when an event triggers, even if the camera isn’t at that “zone 2” that I set for the command?

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i don’t get you properly ? You mean you don’t want to use @pan command right ? and what do you want t to be actually like?

I do want to use the pan command, since I want to background to be moving while my character is talking, but I want it to stop when the reader reaches a certain line of dialogue, even if the camera isn’t where I told it to be.

You can put
@pan to Zone in 2 or however time you want
Take a look loop background &when they reach certain amount of dialogue you can change it to normal background
use @follow CHARACTER command …
i mean if is that what you meant if it is not sorry

This isn’t what I mean, but thank you for your help. Since it seems like I can’t do it, I’ll find something else, no worries.


I may be wrong but I think that you want a looping background that stops looping when the reader reaches a certain point. Is that correct? If so, I would try using an overlay and animating to make it look like a looping background. That way you can also code when you want the overlay to stop looping.