Stop whining about INK updates




I’ve been seeing episode getting bombarded with people whining about INK not receiving any more clothing updates and frankly I’m SICK of it.

I’m aware that a large amount of people prefer INK over limelight but here’s why I think people are overreacting.

  • INK has WAY more options

Ink still has an upper hand with clothing compared to Limelight. They have tons of dresses, skirts, casual wear, etc. Limelight is still missing a ton of clothing and it’s slowly starting to get better with each update.

Please be fair. Stop whining about episode not updating your clothing because you already have a TON. You can bring up this point again when limelight and INK have the same amount of clothing. Until then, be patient and kind.

  • Limelight is NEW!!

Limelight isn’t that old so it makes sense for them to update it more than INK. We’re lacking more than INK is. So it’s only fair for episode to update more frequently for limelight.

  • You guys are asking for A LOT!

I’ve seen so many posts of people demanding more and more outfits. When I read these I can’t help but feel bad for the clothing artists. How do you expect them to do what you want if you’re slamming them with ideas every day.

  • Incessant whining won’t do anything!

I promise you the episode team has seen your comments. Please stop bombarding them and trashing on limelight. It’s disrespectful and childish.

My overall message to the people who are bashing episode and limelight;

-be patient
-think before you comment
-be respectful
-be fair
-be understanding

You can state your feelings but please refrain from whining and attacking.

Just because ink is your preference doesn’t mean episode is obligated to update it with cute little skirts and shoes for your pleasure.

Sorry if I offended everyone, I just needed to get this off my chest.


I do understand how you feel. I’m impatiently waiting for last INK updates (although I’m not commenting anywhere, because I know how annoying this is)

Episode team should at least state if we still can expect something or not and when. I know people will always ask but at least some of them would stop if we would know anything.


I don’t have anything against people who want new updates. It’s understandable.
My issue is with the people spamming episode with whining and demands.


Oh Lord


I don’t like limelight tbh I mostly like ink even though it’s not gonna get updated but I’m starting to like limelight


Some people are really crossing the line… I’ve seen a lot of rude and inappropriate comments so I know what you mean.


Why do I like ink

Well since I love editing I find it easy to edit with ink

Ink is amazing I gotten so attach to it I used to read classic stories but after I was reading a a story and I was on episode 71 and I lost everything then stop reading classic stories same thing happened with ink I was reading one of the best story and then boom back to Episode one I literally cried all day and trew stuff that story was so amazing


So I never read Episode stories anymore


Ppl r probably worried ink will go the way classic did
Episodes stopped updating then it faded away.
Ppl want outfits/animations transfered over cuz classic and LL have a lotta pretty clothes and cool animations
Tbh i feel ink lacks a lot still v.v(and thts basd on wat ive seen in stories so many outfits and animations overused)


I do think animation wise limelight has more but clothing wise I can see your point. But overall yeah, it makes sense they are focusing on limelight rn


Sadly, there’s nothing to be patient about. Episode have abandoned INK and just didn’t tell us when they did it. Thanks for keeping writers in the loop, Episode :roll_eyes:

Personally, I think people are right to get annoyed and complain about the lack of INK updates. They’re focusing on Limelight, sure, but they could have at least given us the full range of emotions for the animations before abandoning the style completely… done a last update in which they told us it was going and took a few of the most popular requests. I mean… no walk_angry?! Really?!

It would be fine if they were actually going to do more INK updates, but I understand being upset about it because they haven’t given us a complete art style and they’ve left us in the dark about it.


INK has most definitely gone away like Classic and without any warning. I did a petition in the last forums and it was only THEN that they decided it was time to tell us that INK was going to be dropped in early 2018. They haven’t given any formal notification, though, which is disgusting.


Episode already stated that ink’s technology is old and it takes a long time to make new things. Now they have much better technology that will make new things a lot faster. Also, ink can’t have updates forever eventually it is going to stop and yes they might have left things out of ink but also left out a lot of things in classic and added it to ink. It’s the same thing with limelight they are adding thing they didn’t add in previous style into the newest one. It’s called improving.


The problem is it’s already stopped. They just haven’t told us


no. :slight_smile:


If they want us to stop complaining about ink then how about they improve limelight and actually listen to the readers concerns about limelight? There are so many things wrong with limelight and the number one being the characters are ugly. So fix that and I’ll actually give ll a chance :smiley:


You’re right. Though, it is definitely understandable. I mean, those amazing animations in LL…