Stop whining about INK updates


I’ve been seeing episode getting bombarded with people whining about INK not receiving any more clothing updates and frankly I’m SICK of it.

I’m aware that a large amount of people prefer INK over limelight but here’s why I think people are overreacting.

  • INK has WAY more options

Ink still has an upper hand with clothing compared to Limelight. They have tons of dresses, skirts, casual wear, etc. Limelight is still missing a ton of clothing and it’s slowly starting to get better with each update.

Please be fair. Stop whining about episode not updating your clothing because you already have a TON. You can bring up this point again when limelight and INK have the same amount of clothing. Until then, be patient and kind.

  • Limelight is NEW!!

Limelight isn’t that old so it makes sense for them to update it more than INK. We’re lacking more than INK is. So it’s only fair for episode to update more frequently for limelight.

  • You guys are asking for A LOT!

I’ve seen so many posts of people demanding more and more outfits. When I read these I can’t help but feel bad for the clothing artists. How do you expect them to do what you want if you’re slamming them with ideas every day.

  • Incessant whining won’t do anything!

I promise you the episode team has seen your comments. Please stop bombarding them and trashing on limelight. It’s disrespectful and childish.

My overall message to the people who are bashing episode and limelight;

-be patient
-think before you comment
-be respectful
-be fair
-be understanding

You can state your feelings but please refrain from whining and attacking.

Just because ink is your preference doesn’t mean episode is obligated to update it with cute little skirts and shoes for your pleasure.

Sorry if I offended everyone, I just needed to get this off my chest.


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