Stop zones from going to black screen


I need help with the zones. When I want my character to walk to a different zone with the camera following it and then at the end of the zone it goes dark and I want to know how I can get it to not do that. So my character can walk to the end of zone 4 and it stops there without showing a black screen. And I’m sorry I hope that all make sense. for someone to help me


Well, depending on what background you use there could be 4 zones or 3, so if the background turns black that means the background doesn’t have a fourth zone, only three


Omg thank you.:slightly_smiling_face: Do you also know how I can just use an background and make it just go across it’s zones without it going black, because I tried to do that but it went black and I tried different zones and It didn’t work it kept doing the same thing


I’m a little confused on your question, but I think I know what you’re talking about.

So if you want to pan across the background you need to see how many zones there are, so say there are 3 zones
You can use the command @pan to zone # and it will pan to that zone

If you want to pan slower you’d have to use @pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 3


thankyou so much


Hi, if you haven’t already figured it out some scenes only have a certain amount of zones. If you have a background that only has three zones and in the script you put:

@pan to zone 4

the screen will automatically turn black as this zone is non-existent.

Hope i could be of assistance.

~ Ella x