Stopmotion with elephant, girafe ...and a shark?!? (help me!)

for a school assignment I have to make a stop motion movie in which I have to make a story with my homemade aluminum animals (the shark, giraffe and elephant). To be honest I have no idea what to do with this, it has to be a few minutes long but I just can’t think of a story with these 3 animals in it.
please someone help me!!

ps. the giraffe I made is very unstable so if give him the smaller part

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Is it science based? Or do you have to come up with a more fiction based story?


nope, it can be anything, but it does have to be realistic in the sense that the shark has to be in the water

Maybe you can let the elephant or giraffe stand in the water and let the shark bite it.
The other one helps it.

I dunno!


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:joy: :joy: that could be something!! thank you :joy:

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