Stopping and Starting Sound Effects

Okay so I have been an episode writer for a few years now and something I never really thought about over the years has been bothering me. I never used sound effects much when I started but now that I use them more, I can’t figure out how to get it to stop at a certain point so I can play another one. They usually just play over each other. Anyone know how to help with this?

You can use sound off

Though if you went a fade in or out you need a volume

Volume sound 100 10000
Means volume level to 100 in 10 seconds(it uses milliseconds)

Volume sound 0 10000
Will make it 0 in 10 seconds if you want a fade

Thank you! It’s honestly been a minute since I started writing again so I’m kind of struggling to learn everything again.

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if u want it quickly

sound off
@pause for 0 (N)
sound __

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