Stopping art for a while



So, I have been in a puddle of requests right now and I realized that I should take a break for schoolwork and other.

I will be stopping art, no requests, for a while.

I don’t know how many art shops I have opened, so close em all! Please don’t bump my request threads. They are meant to be closed.

However, I will try to make requests that are sent to a group that I’m in. I don’t want to let my groups down, so I will do a few in stressful situations.

That said, you cannot ask/bother my groups about me doing your requests, or whatever.

Also, you can still tag me in outline contests, pfp contests, or any art contests. I will try to enter.

In my opinion, doing too many requests is taking up my time!

Thank you and sorry!

Claire :heart:


Aww, I feel ya girl! I had to ask a few of my friends to help with art requests that were intended for me


Moved to Episode Fan Community since this is related to the community. Would it be possible for you to provide links to all the topics you’d liked closed? :smiley:


I can help link them if u want
I’m boreddd lol


Sure! @Sydney_H i’ll try to find them :slight_smile:


is that sure for me or for Sydney?




Oooh kay


This is only art right?
I found these two


Thanks! I’ll find the other ones :slight_smile: