Stopping By To say Hi ☺️


I have only had the Episode app since January and I haven’t really socialized much with this community. Therefore I would really love to meet new people!


Heyy its nice to meet u :upside_down_face:




Well hello to you to … lel




Haha of course we both click this :joy:




Hi nice to meet you I have been reading story’s on Episode for a while know, but just started writing my own.


Lmao :rofl::joy::joy: just a couple of lonely people


Hi, nice to meet you too! :relaxed:Thanks for replying!


Hi it is nice to meet you! Thank you for replying! :relaxed:


Hi, nice to meet you thanks for replying! :blush:


Yw :grin:


No problem you sound cool :joy::joy:


Wow that’s is great! What is your story about?! :blush:


Lol I thought this was the life thread :joy: By the way could you follow me on episode ;-;


it’s Alex F. ;-;


@TheOfficialQueens Love your profile picture by the way!

@Teahwalker Lol thank you! I feel pretty lame as I am a loner and never leave my house! :sweat_smile:


Yes! f4f! :smiley:


but if not then that’s fine… ;-; I have to stop spamming