Stopping By To say Hi ☺️


Hi! :heart:️ Thanks for the reply!


Hey my fraaaann


Oh, I meant an episode profile on the app. and my insta is called episode._.donut


What’s up girl!!


Oh! :woman_facepalming:t2: LOL sorry! I misunderstood!


Hey!! The sk- wait I live in Australia therefore they sky is down. Whaaaa!?


It’s no problem.


Lol! That’s was hilarious! :joy: That is awesome you are from Australia! What time is it there. I’m the United States, I live in Florida and it is 2:40 pm Thursday July 12!


I’ll try to look for you on the Episode app! Your name was Alex F right?




It is currently 4:44am (I woke up and can’t get back to sleep rip)


Oh goodness I hate when that happens! But normally I go to bed around the time! :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:


Yeah me too, I’m trying to start going to bed early bc I go back to school next week ugh


Sounds like its going to be really good. Mike is a ok name. I use Logan for mine lol I get stuck on names and don’t really now were to go with them. I write on a different app a lot and I use Logan as the guy all the time. I need new names lol. But I would love to check out your story. I use Youtube a lot to help with coding and then things I can’t find on there because its easier for me to see them try it in on the writer portal but things I can’t find on there I ask about on here to get the help. Post a like when you get your story to line when you get a few Chapter’s out and i would love to read it. :slight_smile:


Oh no school sucks! Thankfully I have graduated from college and don’t have to go back to school unless I wish to obtain a higher degree!


Lol so I just now noticed I put mike instead of mine! But I always google names and get taken to these baby websites to find names for my characters! But yeah I have watched a lot of YouTube on coding and screenshot a lot of coding advice on the forums to help me with my story! Thanks I am in the process of trying to plan my first three episodes before I write on the portal again so that way I won’t be lost staring at my computer screen! But I definitely will let you know when I finish my first 3 Episode if you are interested in reading it!


I know it thats what I get when I google it also lol.
Yes I well be just let me know :slight_smile:


Wow! I wish I could just head to university already ugh


College is pretty cool more freedom!