Stories about Kings and Queens?

Any stories about Kings and Queens. Please note I’ve already read Sundosia, and Filthy Royals!

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I am working on one for the reveal contest, I can tag you when I publish

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Here are some of my favorite stories about kings and queens;

-four kingdoms (ink)

-The ruby tiara (ink)

-the dragon bride (LL)

-crimson bound (LL) & Dark Phoenix (LL)

-chosen (LL)


I am working on one, it’s gonna be a fantasy story with romance :blush:
I’m not sure when it’s gonna be out yet but if you are interested I can let you know or you can follow me on Instagram for updates (@annawepisode) :blue_heart:

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I recommend reading “Finding Emerald” this story is amazing and the author won in a contest because of it :blob_hearts: :yay:

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The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow


Yes please!

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okay I will