Stories about what evil person did(story help please)

I am writing a story for the reveal contest, and it has this banish evil queenaka she nas no power anymore who is the villain, and as of now I have only told she is evil, but I wanna add some evil things she actually did to the stories about her, I just don’t know what. she is develop as a character, with motive and backstory. I just dont have any evil things she actually did. and I wanna add some, just saying she is evil arent gonna work.

I really need suggestions, please help. when I say evil I dont mean evil as in Disney villians. I mean evil as in serial killer from criminal minds.

please note. I dont need ideas on how to improve her, I needs stories of legit evil stuff she did, like killing them and display the head in the ballroom, like stories you would tell about an evil person.

also if anyone wanna beta read, please PM me, I really want opinions on how to improve my story before I publish it.

How to write the best villain according to lemon

  • Make their goal realistic
  • Give them human characteristics, don’t make them entirely evil (make them insecure or weak)
  • Manipulative; have them be kind at some point (example they help a kid, or a random passerby even help the main character: gives the illusion of trust )
  • the reader likes when they are on the screen: the ultimate villain trope the evil laughter or just plain a person sought out to kill someone, I mean come on readers see this a lot add comedy or more personality traits to make the reader enjoy seeing their progress
  • the perfect motive; it seems simple but a lot people miss the mark on this. They can’t just be after world power or something think about it closely!
  • the anti to your hero: every story has a hero your villain should be convinced they are the good guy. Make them have your heros weakness to up the character development

I’m not really sure if this is a good example but maybe when she was younger she had a best friend who she was constantly always compared to. Then if the queen had a father, the father compared her to the best friend as well. Then she planned on killing thre best friend and she ended up doing it. I’m not really sure this just came to my head out of the blue. :sweat_smile::green_heart:

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I’m gonna use this as help for my story :sob::two_hearts: :clapping:

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I know how to write a villian, that is not what I need help with, but I need help on what evil stuff she have done.

I have her goals, I have back story. what I dont have is stuff she has done there actually made her evil.

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It depends on the personality
Psychology speaking the personality is directly related to the events that make up the person

Hmm, I don’t know if it would fit into your story but maybe she could have had a sister which the kingdom was unaware about which she had killed due to jealousy of something along that line. Either way, good luck with your story and I’d love to read it when published. :upside_down_face::revolving_hearts:

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thanks I can tag you when I do.

but the ideas wont fit into my story unfortently.

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Ah okay and sure please tag me. :upside_down_face::white_heart:

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Hey there! I’d love to beta read your story!

For the ‘evil deeds’ ideas:

PG13 evil:

  • Locked up/killed off all her family so that no one could claim the throne, till this day nobody knows what happened to them.
  • People are unable to learn (only allowed things), so that they don’t know the outside world and therefore wouldn’t think of running away. Also they are all told that the world outside the kingdom is dead/toxic and there’s no life outside of it.
  • Everybody has to work in order to live, even old people, children, sick people etc. otherwise they are sent away outside the kingdom, into the wild or something.

Scary 18+ evil:

  • She found out that one of the generals/servants is a spy, as revenge she killed their loved one and fed their meat to them at a fancy dinner.
  • She makes jewellery/souvenirs out of her enemies’ bones and body parts.
  • If someone steels etc., she executes them and hangs their body in front of their family’s house as a warning.

Idk any more… some of them came out pretty dark :sweat_smile:

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maybe I will use that one

definitely gonna use that one.

the rest are really good, wont really fit into my story, but good.

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