Stories about YOUR Boss

There are too many cliches stories about bosses and CEOs in Episode. I wanted to hear other people share stories about their bosses.

You know, I thought I was living that MC life when I found out my new boss was super hot and I was going to be his assistant. But, no. He is weird. Like, so weird.

One time I saw him talking to his documents: " Why are you so complicated?"

He acts like a child, for god sake. I mean, he still did his job pretty well. But as his personal assistant, I can say that it isn’t an easy job. He doesn’t like black coffee, he just wants to drink hot milk. One time in a meeting, while someone was doing their speech, he freaking took a napkin on the table to fold it into an airplane. He downloaded some games on his phone, and he asked me to take time to check on them and make sure his rankings are still on top. There is literally a box of crayons in his office just incase he wants to get “creative”. Everytime he needs my help, he would write a note and slide it under my door. He writes the notes with crayons. One time he was eating candies and he saw me walking in so he hide the wraps under the files. Honestly dude, I could see that.

Now thinking back to my interview, the woman was asking me some questions about patience and how to manage a child, now I know why. I think that I’m going to stuck with him for a while. Wish me luck.

What about your boss? Share something.


I have only had three jobs. one at a cafe. The boss was a clean freak. but that is. thing the place always is clean.

2 at handicraft workshop. the boss she was very nice. and a gamer. she a bunch if very old games.

3 at a mini zoo. there my boss was a giant harry potter so i got permission to take pictures in my harry potter slyhterin uniform with the owl

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I adore my boss(es). (Couple owned restaurant) She’s really scary, but she so wears the pants. Haha. I admire her, and I view her as a role model >.<

Her husband is a bit… strange. He thinks he’s right, always and like he’s usually not.

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I’ve had a few terrible bosses over the years. My first ever job was at a Children’s Play Centre that was attached to a Laser Tag center. I LOVED the job. I started as a party host, just dishing out food to kids and doing magic tricks or making balloon animals, then I started to learn the reception work, how to operate the tea cup ride, how to make coffees, etc. My manager was lovely, but the owners were kind of intense. They fired my manager randomly out of the blue and then sold the business to a husband and wife team.

And at first, husband and wife team were lovely… But they were really underpaying me… I loved the job so I never said anything about the money until I turned 18. Once I turned 18, I was able to work more since I didn’t have school, so I started working Friday-Tuesday, with Wed & Thurs off. I was doing more than full time hours because the business was open 9 hours a day and then there was time for set up and clean up. I was getting paid as a casual and my rate was still below the minimum rate so I spoke to them about getting a raise and they said they’d see what they could do. Spoiler alert… they didn’t really do much at all about it. Instead, they went on holidays to England over the Christmas period and hired a “manager” like 3 days before they left… and that manager had no experience.

They asked me to train the manager on all our bookings system, but once they left the new manager kind of got a bit psycho. She never had time for me to teach her anything and she kept telling me she could figure it out herself. She kept wanting to reorganize one of the store rooms instead, which was a really weird thing to fixate on. On the first day of school holidays she “forgot” to roster on more staff so we had 3 people to work between the reception desk, the kitchen, the coffees, the tea cup ride AND the laser tag centre. It was a nightmare and to make things worse, she hadn’t rostered enough staff on for that whole week either. So she was talking to me about it and trying to shuffle around people’s shifts since everyone was saying they weren’t available to work and she asked if I could work three weeks straight, with the only day I would get off being Christmas Day. I said no, of course. And then it just spiraled into a massive argument. She didn’t want customers to see us arguing so she dragged me (when I say drag, I literally mean she grabbed my arm and pulled me) to the disabled toilets and locked us in there. At the time I had just moved out on my own, so she started telling me that she knew how much I needed this job and she knew I wasn’t on good terms with my family so I couldn’t afford to lose this job. It was pretty scary at the time, because I was so young and no one had seen her take me to the bathrooms either so no one knew what was happening to me. I quit that day, and emailed the owners to explain my decision. When they came back to the country, they wanted to hire me back, they said they would get rid of her so I would feel comfortable… but then other co-workers told me they were only saying that to get me back onside. When I came back, the manager got mysteriously sick for 2 weeks, then she quit. … Then I finally started getting paid as an 18 year old a couple of months later. Whew.


My ASM is so fuckin’ hot. I’m a supervisor in retail so I’m closer quarters with him/his backup in case something goes wrong.

And he’s actually chill too. I remember blushing (hard to make me flustered too) when during the interview he said I reminded him of someone he dated.

…but he’s married, so I’m not touching that, nope nah.

Still makes work enjoyable tho.

Refreshing after having a hostile assistant manager at my last job. What’s worse is that said manager was actually someone I knew. She actually HELPED me get the job since I knew her personally before it.

But over time, she became more cold to me. Bluntly confronted her on what her problem was, multiple times. Wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact I had to work with this bitch often, and she has tried pinning blame on some mild to serious accusations against me, like missing money.

And no, I have no goddamn idea why she shifted from friend to…this. And she NEVER acted like this to other coworkers. Even other coworkers noticed her behavior shift with me. I unfriended her on social media after the store went out of business. If I did something to you, goddamn it TELL ME. But you can’t expect much more from cowards so…

Yeah, because THAT worked out well for her in the end… lmao. Didn’t get in trouble and only acted nice if she wanted something. Acted as if she was the only one who had bad days/could get angry.

Her seeing me angry was rare, but it was intense enough for her to back off.

Almost tried to apply to my current job a while ago, so I told my boss to reject her application. And that if she needs a reason why, I got PLENTY and that no one in my job would tolerate her moodswings :joy::joy::joy::joy:


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