Stories based in any kind of school

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I’ve read a few stories recently and some are based in high school which is cool or whatever and then some based in college which is more my speed.

Something I noticed is how some writers concept of college and high school are the same. I mean I don’t know about you guys but college was a different world for me and completely different from high school the story I’m currently reading is in college but we have like assigned seating and the teacher then introduced the new student to the class and we have the same history teacher for the entire year :thinking:

I think we should verify information such as that, I know it’s not that deep but it can confuse some readers



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I’m starting college in a week so ill come back then to share mmy thoughts :sweat_smile:

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I’m wondering if middle school stories can be done. I might do a middle school story myself, and I’m wondering if a middle school story can go accordingly to Episode’s standards.

same here!

Ik right. To be honest before I graduated college I read a lot of episode stories that are based off in college.

I was like please don’t let college be like this. For example like having the queen bee and or the major cliques they have.

When I went to college was thing like that. Almost everyone stayed to themselves unless if they honestly knew each other and or had to do some sort of project together.

I never seen those weird cliques or anything like that. Typically each year everyone was pretty welcoming and or did their own thing.

We never had assigned seats either and unlike the stories didn’t have to ask the professor to go to the bathroom we where able to just to go.

One thing that bothered me with some of these college stories where the fact that the students didn’t called the teacher Professor and or Dr. They just call the Mr or Mrs. When I was in college it was considered unprofessional and rude if you didn’t call the teacher by their title of Professor or Dr unless if the teacher said otherwise.


Oh yeah, I agree. It feels like it’s high schoolers writing college stories. It is way different, way more independent in college. Lecture classes are usually huge…there’s no way everyone knows everybody and the professor introduces a “new” student lmao

Might as well been a high school story if that’s the case lol

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Obv … I’m not in college, and won’t even dare to write a college story till I’m in college
It’s just like I fear writing characters from various communities cuz I fear misrepresentation :no_mouth:

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I’d really like to know everyone else’s experience with college for the purpose of writing with more accuracy.

I’m 23 and attended a university but I didn’t attend for long enough to really be able to differentiate between high school and uni as a whole because I don’t have much uni experience to go on. I dropped out after about a month or so and it was a horrible experience for me.

What I can remember is that:

  • The library was more of a private place of study rather than the whole class going to the library to find answers to fill out a sheet to whatever like it was in hs.

  • The lecture rooms were a lot larger, but the classrooms were smaller (maybe 12 or so students per class) but that might’ve just been due to my uni size and the degree.

  • There was a floor with a food court and you could go off campus to eat, unlike in hs were you had to line up and choose what you wanted from the canteen and then go off somewhere to find a set near the oval, court, classrooms or whatever and you obv couldn’t leave the school grounds.

  • The atmosphere was different — students for the most part weren’t really treated like children. They were treated like adults, there’s not much of a “put your hand up if you need to speak” type thing either.

  • Students could leave the campus in their spare time if they wanted to, they weren’t confined to the campus grounds.

  • Some students lived near the campus in student accommodation or were renting places with housemates.

  • Uni campuses are NORMALLY much larger than high schools, especially the most popular universities.

  • You could wear whatever you wanted - there were no uniforms.

  • A lot of the doors and elevators required keycards and fobs to access them which were given to all students at the time of getting their photo id done with their student card.

  • Very different timetable to hs. I was study part-time I think?? I had a few classes per week, about an hour or two each. My latest one was around 4 or 5pm. High school was different in that my timetable had 5 or 6 periods per day for my elective subjects and my compulsory ones: one period for English, one for math etc.

  • Uni students tend to be more respectful and mature as opposed to high school students.

  • University was a lot more online-centered in my experience than high school was. At my uni all of your assignments had to be submitted via a student portal online and you weren’t really given any physical papers or assignments. High school was papers after papers for me, books after books and folders after folders. :skull:

  • Plenty of larger communal spaces in university and student accommodation — some floors have rows of mailboxes for the students, others have a laundromat, there are floors with kitchens and mental health spaces and each dorm floor has a communal bathroom with one side being for women and the other for men. Students could also hang around on the roof if they wanted to, including at night (but I think there was a curfew??? Can’t remember honestly). There was a store near the entrance that sold snacks and essentials like milk, bread etc.

  • DIVERISTY!! The biggest thing I remember from uni was the diversity. So many students were from other parts of the country and from all over the world which was completely different from my high school experience.


Totally fair! But even a little research doesn’t hurt yknow (many people asked about uni in usa so those posts help lots). Like I started my college story when I was in 11th grade, obvi some things weren’t that right, but I tried and then changed it up when I did start uni

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We start our college after 12th grade here currently in 12th :smile: very excited to start college next year! and after spending 3-10yrs here, the degrees is completed. And I believe college environment is way different in India than in other countries and even if there is no uniform, there is a certain dress code in a few. And some very few have uniforms too!
Also, things vary from college to college, state to state, subject to subject and even degree to degree! So I guess those specifications are indeed very important for proper representation.

And in anyway, I don’t mind waiting another year! :smile:


Ours was pretty much the same. I didn’t go to a university since college is really expensive over here so I ended up going to community. It’s just easier to do. You get the same experience, same classes, and get it for a cheaper price.

I started college in my senior year of high-school.
The lecture halls where crazy. U where able to fit at least 20 -30 students in the lecture halls.

Our library was the same it was mostly a computer lab for students to study and use like Adobe products if they didn’t have them at home to do their hw.

The portal was so annoying the dissection boards where 30% of our grade. You had to comment on at least 5 students to get full credit and the couldn’t be the same as the person who commented on them first.

We had it where it was a full week. We had till before midnight to submit the homework.

We where able to use the elevators no problem. There was a lot of either disabled or people who had injuries so we were able to use them without a problem.

Even for a community college the campus was huge there was at least 4 large buildings attached to the main campus with 8 different parking lots.

It was definitely a different experience. I was homeschooled during high school so I wasn’t really put into that social crowd which I didn’t mind lol. I went to my local highschool for pretty much a full semester and hated it. We where able to call the teachers by their first name. They hated being called mr or Mrs.

But that’s my little rant with college. Lol


Also noticed this. I don’t understand how they don’t see the difference, and sometimes I feel like college stories are written by seniors who think they know everything after watching a few teen comedies. Anyone who has gone to college knows how difficult studying can be. I remember sitting in the library for days until I found this source with free essay samples. I found it easier to complete my written assignments, but there was still plenty of other homework to do. It’s hard for teenagers to shake off the prejudice that everyone in college goes to parties. It’s not like that at all.


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