Stories by new or under-rated authors

The following stories are either by new authors or those who have an amazing potential but aren’t recognized yet.

  1. Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane by @Marshmallow_O
  2. Our Beautiful Chaos by @episodesbymaria
  3. Nocturnal Hearts by episode.reah (IG profile)
  4. Stemmed Roses, The Unexpected and Bittersweet by nikkc.episode (IG profile)
  5. Until I Me You by @Jade.epi
  6. Scandalous by minaa.episode (IG profile)
  7. The End of Love by @kyliemwrites
  8. I Feel It Coming by @Apes
  9. Journal To You by plwrites (IG profile)
  10. Tell Me About Me by eypylaur (IG profile)

Feel free to recommend more! :smile:


I actually deleted all my accounts because I couldn’t take the pressure of making people happy

I had lots of stories and ideas and didn’t finish them because I felt so defeated

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Thank you so much @megha1895 :revolving_hearts:

My recommendation:
Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W

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Thank you!

I am not an author myself but I can understand. Some readers can be very rude.:no_mouth:
My advise would be to just ignore all the negative remarks and just focus on what you want to write. If you really feel like, you should start writing again.

I agree with Megha, I know that sometimes is hard to ignore but write for yourself first then for others. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Write when you feel inspired not because you have to. :relaxed:

@megha1895 @Apes

Thank you for the vote of confidence

I am writing my first manuscript at the moment, a short story

I’m still on episode though in the hope that when I eventually publish it on amazon books that I’ll get the confidence to re-write it on episode

I’m getting a cover done at the moment


Pagent Mom’s by Chrissy H (it’s like the TV shows and it’s hilarious)

Tender Love by @iag1690 ( the dialogue and storyline is simply amazing. Not your typical story and with adults not teens.)


Best of luck for the story! :smile:

Thank you so much :pray::heart_eyes:
I would also recommend I feel it coming by @Apes Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W and dodging the bully by @ sheera.epy :blush:


awhhh omg thank you so much!!! you’re amazing! :pleading_face::pleading_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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  • Pine Hollow: The Hex of Three by @fcukforcookies (I hope I tagged the right account here :smiley:)
    One of my current top favorites and madly underrated, in my opinion.

  • The Divided by @Cpclose
    Epic fantasy for readers who don’t expect instant gratification and can appreciate directing & great settings.

  • Children of Stardust by @captainwillow
    Jaw dropping directing and intricate storyline for fantasy lovers.

I just realized, all my current underrated favs are in Fantasy … oops.


whoah xD thaaaaank you <3

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Can I recommend mine?

It’s Tribe of Malapinchi. A predominantly fantasy mystery and adventure Asian story :grin:

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You are welcome to recommend any stories :slight_smile: it seems as if many Fantasy stories are under-rated :sweat_smile:

A Pathfinder’s Hymn by @JiaGrace
Adventurous: Sea of Flames by @giamorina
Quanta by @talesofgrae
All My Past Lovers by @Astro.duxst


Thank you so much love​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Thank you!!!:sob::two_hearts:

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thank you dear!! <3

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