Stories don't show up in episode


Been writing a story for the thriller contest but I can’t test it, it’s unpublished at the mo. Even though it has no errors it just doesn’t show up with my other stories, both published and unpublished, in the creators section on the app


Have you tried previewing it on the portal?


Oh, I made a post about that earlier but nobody knows the solution so I submitted a ticket


Does your story have at least 3 episodes and is 400 lines long for each of those episodes?
If it doesn’t meet this requirement and is still unpublished, then maybe that’s why it’s not appearing on the app :smile:
To fix this, you could space all the way down to 400 lines and write a random narrator comment XD


^^That. Sometimes stories don’t show up if you don’t have three episodes.


Ahhh, gotcha. It’s two episodes so that makes sense


Mmm… good idea