Stories from a guy's perspective

Hey there!
I was just wondering if you guys like to read stories from a guy’s perspective. I personally do like to read those stories. I am a girl btw, but it just seems fun to me, to write a story from a guys perspective. :blush:


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The Blank Page
From His Eyes (by the same author who wrote Are You the One I think)

These are the ones I can get from the top of my head

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I enjoy reading stories from a guy’s perspective, too. It’s difficult to find stories from a guy’s perspective on the app… but I know a few good (and unique) ones… :wink:

Rock n Roll Revolution by Libby L.

  • Description: Signing up for a rock competition to impress the love of your life sounds like a good idea… Unless you can’t play.

An old Classic (literally an old Classic that’s in Classic lol). This story was very popular back then. It’s a comedy that you might enjoy. I never finished it though, but it does have a male main character told from their perspective and it’s interesting in a way.

The Peacock Heist by Asuncion & Rossitto

  • Description: “Do you have what it takes to be a world famous thief? One false move and you could be locked up!”

The Peacock Heist was one of the first stories that I ever played on Episode; another old (yet gold) classic. You play as Jack Rugby, who is a master thief and the main character who works along with his best friend Doyle. At the beginning, we learn that their elder mentor, Owen, doesn’t have enough money to pay for a much needed surgery. The story is centered this plot and is driven around a mystery (along with action) and it’s a very nicely paced and well written.

Homecoming Kings by Lauren Murphy

  • Description: Ben is your average high school nerd, but things change when he gets nominated for homecoming king.

Read this story in 2016, not sure if it was ever finished by the author but it is pretty damn good. Ben, the main character, who at at the beginning is a sarcastic, arrogant high schooler who develops feelings for another boy throughout the story. It’s more than this though but that’s the main plot. I don’t remember too much from this, but from what I remember it’s a pretty great balance between Comedy and Romance. :slight_smile:

The Freckles on Mars by MeMyselfAndI

  • Description: A story in which Blue thinks it’s the end of the world, and the only one who believes him is the freckled boy next door.

This list would feel incomplete without The Freckles on Mars. The Freckles on Mars is one of my favorite stories. It’s really relaxing and unique and original. It’s something that I cannot explain in words; you’ve just got to read and experience it if you want to see what I mean.

H & V: The Smoke That Separates Us by Res

  • Description: “Taking Medication is already troubling enough, but don’t trust something that is in Beta.”

This story is a little on the mature side if that’s okay with you, but I think it is a very unique and interesting story. You play as a middle-aged family man who is struggling with a smoking addiction/problem. It is very nice, very unorthodox to what you typically see in Episode in a good way. :slight_smile:

Destiny Dispatcher by Echo Dunkelstrom

  • Description: “Basil can see what the others can’t see about their lives. How will he handle his new responsibility and his new job?”

I only recently started to read this story, so I can’t say much fully… but what I can say is that I’ve only read the first chapter and it’s got me hooked on it real good. You play as Basil, who’s going to be teaching an Italian class in High School after becoming unemployed due to being laid off by one of his personal students because she is moving to France.


When done well! I often find the stories aren’t genuinely how guys act and think, but rather how girls think they act and think. Then it comes across a little superficial.

If a writer can capture guys and girls and everything else accurately, they’re EXCELLENT


I would love that, the last time I saw a story with a male as the main character we only had the classic style

The Pregnancy Curse by Dr. Smile is written from a guy’s perspective. It literally had me laughing out loud. She also has another story called From Zero to Hero that I haven’t read yet, but I have it on my list of stories to read next. I think it also has a male MC.

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My story Fantastical- The Mermaid is from a guy perspective and a few others I published. there’s this story I read called Homecoming Kings.
But I agree with you; It’s hard to fine stories from a guy’s point of view. I know there are guys out there who play episodes buy mostly girls play it so that’s why

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I’m curious. Can you elaborate on what you mean by girls are shit at writing from a guy’s perspective? Do you mean they write them in too much of a stereotypical way or…?

Wow thanks for your reaction! I’ll be sure to read those stories, because they look fun :smile:

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Hi this is so shameless of me but oh well but I am currently writing a story from a male perspective!

It is called The Critic haha and is about a popular art critic who falls in love with a struggling artist. The critic is very elusive but opens up and reveals to the artist he is in fact a socialite - their love begins to blossom but she gets called for a job. They go their separate ways and he is telling the tale of their ephemeral love.

If you would like to know more about the plot, PM me :slight_smile:

I have actually only ever read stories from a girl’s perspective, but I would absolutely LOVE to read one from a guy’s perspective!
I’ve actually thought about making my next story from a guy’s perspective. :))

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Ooh I have read a handful of male perspective stories and I am trying my hardest to do the dudes of the world some justice even though I call most men in the world idiot males :joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

The Cardboard House by Echo Dunkelstrom is one I liked.
It’s a mystery and even though it only has four episodes it tells a good story
Here’s the description:

A silent witness and a case to solve. Nobody can be trusted, when there is everything at stake.


Exactly hahaha, I feel like we have to do the guys justice :stuck_out_tongue:

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