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So I’ve recently started reading a lot of stories on Episode, and I just need to share my thoughts on stories I am shamelessly enjoying for different reasons. If you’re reading this you might find a new story to read because I read stories from every category I think so odds are high you’ll like at least one.

~I’ll do my best to not spoil any stories as I rave about them.~

p.s. If you are the author of any stories I mention: Thank you so much for the work you put into into your story/stories I’m loving them.

p.p.s. If you have any story suggestions similar to any of the stories I write about let me know.

Now not in any particular order:

1. The Elf King's Quest

Author: @sophookles
Story Description: Together with a too clever fairy and a too bold elf you get elected to save the kingdom. Will you make friends, love, or lose your nerves?

The is a completed story and it’s 15 chapters long, so a decently length read. I like many others, I’m sure, have enjoyed every story I’ve read from Sophia with The Elf King’s Quest being one of my favorites. I think Sophia does an amazing job at developing the fantasy world(s) she writes in and the lore she creates always captures my attention. I’m a sucker for fantasy stories especially ones that aren’t just cliches but well thought-out worlds you can get lost in for a little while. The romance is a plus for me in her stories.

2. Bound to Bite

Author: @Arrows.Episode
Story Description: As if being a newborn vampire wasn’t complicated enough! Cursed to find true love in a human only, can you resist the temptations of the dark side?

This is an ongoing story that I am eagerly awaiting the next update from. Even though the story isn’t finished yet I already know it’s a favorite of mine. Like I said before I like fantasy stories, and this story is a new kind of vampire story that I haven’t read anything like before. It’s well written, funny at times, and I like the way the point system is used in the story. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this story goes.

3. 5500 Miles

Author: @akasha
Story Description: What’s between Lisbon and Athens? 5500 miles and the road trip of a lifetime. The potential downside? Your travel buddies, fighting over you.

This an ongoing story I didn’t expect to like so much. It’s surprisingly educational, Akasha does their research on the locations the characters visit in Europe. Being a bit of history nerd I enjoy learning about the cities (and food) the characters encounter, and I like how smoothly the mini history lessons are tied into the story and to the characters. I’m excited to see how the characters journey ends.

4. Passion Project

Author: @elliewrites.episode
Story Description: Disaster strikes and Chloe’s perfect existence comes crashing down. Can a hot nerd and his equally attractive brother teach her there’s more to life than diamonds and high heels?

The main character Chloe gives me major Elle Woods vibes in the most amazing way possible. I love Chloe, and I’m already judging you on which of the boys you prefer. Every episode is entertaining, and Chloe is always making me laugh. I’m soooo excited to read more of this story.

5. Season of the Witch

Author: @Erato
Story Description: When Circe discovers her college friends are all witches, will they be able to band together to save the world from a future astronomical event, or will the tear each other apart?

Among fantasy stories I’ve read my fair share of vampire and werewolf stories, so in an effort to expand I went on the hunt for a good witch story and I found it in the Season of the Witch. I love how the main character isn’t the only person in the story. That sounds a little odd but some stories neglect to develop side-characters, (for lack of better word), but in this story all the other characters are their own person without the MC and have their strengths, flaws, and thought-out background stories. I will forewarn, though, that this story does include some topics/content that may be triggering to some such as: mentions of suicide, mentions of self-harm, substance abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and violence.

6. Lost in New York

Author: @Nettie_episode
Story Description: A senior trip to the Big Apple leads you and your classmates on the wildest adventure of you lives. Will you all get along or become each others’ worst enemy?

This story truly is an adventure. Following along the characters is entertaining and I actually like the mini-games that occasionally appear. Also, this one the few stories, in my opinion, that uses art scenes in a way that adds to the story rather than distract or take away from it.

7. Something Wicked

Author: Cindy Gaultier
Story Description: Some people have guardian angels… You have… something else. Welcome to the supernatural world of Something Wicked. A dark fantasy romance.

When I initially started reading this story the description really caught my attention, and I wasn’t disappointed in the direction Cindy took in her twist on guardian angels. This story has a nice combination of the supernatural and mystery solving. I’m excited to see what Cindy has planned for the next season of this story.

8. All Aboard

Author: @JJ.Author
Story Description: When a gift from your Gramps puts you on a train with an unknown destination, it’s up to you to make the most of it. Sometimes the journey IS the adventure.

This is a completed story at 6 episodes, and I know that sounds short but for the story it was the perfect amount. This story has a true replay-ability quality to it because the journey the MC takes really changes from your choices. There’s also the fact that some things can only be discovered if you’re on certain paths.

I’ll continue to come back to this post when I have tidbits to share about stories I’ve read/am reading.

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I figured that those are fantasy stories so here a few more
Life’s A Witch
Bite My Tongue
The Other World
Fangs and Paws

Hey, I think I have few of those saved already and just haven’t gotten round to them, yet. Thank you for the suggestions, though!

Some other good fantasy stories are:
I married a knight (one of my all time favs)
Galactic game
College of eternity
Cursed evil love
The dragon bride
Saint Jude’s academy
The supernatural family (another fav)
Princess of Neklenta

Hey thanks for the suggestions. I’ve read College of Eternity and liked it, and I’m currently reading Galactic Game. I’ll check out the other stories, though.

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