Stories I recommend!


Here are some stories that I recommend! Feel free to leave any of your own story recommendations!
Side note: Here is a template for your stories;

  1. Story: Pain Into Blessings
    Author: Giselle Palmer
    Style: Offered in limelight and INK
    Genre: Drama
    Description: Making sure her loved ones are safe is the only thing on Peggy’s mind, but will she be able to accomplish that with the distractions she’s unaware of in front of her?

  2. Story: The Kettle
    Author: April. H
    Style: Offered in classic and INK
    Genre: Thriller
    Description: In a near dystopian future, Daisy struggles to overcome her greatest threat. Being female…

  3. Story: The Royal Lie
    Author: Ember Wilde
    Style: Classic
    Genre: Drama
    Description: Being accused of a crime, competing for the throne, AND falling in love with a prisoner? What else could go wrong?

  4. Story: Summer Fling: Under The Stars
    Author: Mette M. Peleikis
    Style: INK
    Genre: Romance
    Description: Jenny is spending summer with her parents in their cabin. Nature isn’t exactly her thing - right until she meets Noah.

  5. Story: Trapped
    Author: Alliima Belton
    Style: classic
    Genre: Thriller
    Description: Six people find themselves trapped in a hospital elevator. An inconvenience that escalates into a nightmare.

  6. Story: .:BLACK ABSINTHE:.
    Author: Kay Elle
    Style: Spotlight
    Genre: Thriller
    Description: “You can’t spell Absinthe without Sin.” I said. She smirked into my ear. “And you can’t spell Supreme without Me.”

  7. Story: Men & Mascara
    Author: Amelia Rose
    Style: INK
    Genre: Drama
    Description: Unexpectedly dumped by the one you love. You’d do anything to fill the void, but will you ever find love again?

  1. Story: Speak
    Author: J. Miley
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Drama
    Description: Unable to speak and surrounded by demons from her past, Liz meets Wes. Can he save her from herself, or is he already too late. Mental Health Story.

  2. Story: The Ruby Tiara
    Author: Wincy W.
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Fantasy
    Description: A beautiful yet strong-willed college girl stumbled upon Ethania, a kingdom in a different dimension. Would she fight for survival, love, or just a way home?

  3. Story: To Love Again
    Author: Joriemar
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Drama
    Description: All star soccer player, Wayne Smith, loses his beloved wife in a deadly tragedy. Will he be able to find true love again in his world of fame, money, and drama?

  4. Story: Wasted Roses
    Author: Genevieve M.
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Drama
    Description: Rose, a returning doctor, is wasting in tragedy. Can the man whose roses she once wasted help her recover? Navigate remembrance, loss & love in this small town with VERY big drama.

  5. Story: Falling For Sin
    Author: Ceri
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Drama
    Description: When the remorselessly sinful Robyn Kaplan accepts a potentially chaotic deal, she soon meets the worst of all sins: a devilish boy named Draven Romano.

  6. Story: Love Me Black & Blue
    Author: Effy Ameer
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Drama
    Description: You broke your first love’s heart, Roscoe, so that you were able to save yourself and people around you. Six years later, he’s coming back to your life to seek for an answer.

  7. Story: Fragile Bonds
    Author: Human Bean
    Style: Ink
    Genre: Thriller
    Description: Love, Family, Lust. All it would take is one slip and these fragine bonds are broken forever. Sasha loves Layla. Zayn wants Sasha mind body and soul. Who will live?


Thank you for suggesting The Kettle! <3

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My Episode Lover
Becoming His Pet
Kill My Love

All from Anneliese Allen

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I really love (they’re all in LL):

-Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gaultier
-Envy by Cindy Gaultier
-The Teacher by Mette M. Peleikis
-The Assassin: Femme Fatale by Mette M. Peleikis
-Destined by Viola Musaraj
-Read My Lips by Regina
-I Married A Millionaire by earlgreytea
-Rising Star by Cher
-Galactic Game by Lucky
-Off Limits by Sandra Gustaffson
-Revenge by episode.fwb