STORIES IDEAS HERE (for new authors, writers blocks, etc)

Hello everyone! I have my journal filled with drafts and story ideas and I want to share them with you. I’m honest with myself, I will never complete them because I don’t have the motivation and I’m dealing with personal problems. Please keep in mind that these stories are not complete, so it’s perfect if you just want something to work on and add your own ideas.

I will reply to this thread with every idea, hope you like it and it’s useful to someone!

+These are drafts and ideas that I wrote down to work on them in the future. I know that they are not complete, so you will do the hard work.

+Credit is not optional. You have two options: stating that the original story idea was mine in the app (Episode, you can do that at the first chapter) or publishing an Instagram story and tagging me (atsukowrites, you don’t need to highlight that story).

+You need to notify me that one of these ideas is going to be used, so I can erase it from the thread. I don’t want people to work on the same idea at the same time.

+I won’t ask for money even for the stories even tho you are getting revenues (if you unlock writers payment for example). I would appreciate it if you donate a little bit of money if you want (even 10 dollars is fine if you are gaining money from Episode), but remember that I do this for free.

+Read the rules of each idea. These are the general rules, but some of them will have specific guidelines. You can’t change some character’s looks but you can include CC in the story.

+You need to finish the story. It doesn’t matter how much time you get, please don’t compromise if you are not going to code and write the script.

+These ideas can only be used in Episode.

+This is optional, but please let me know if one of my ideas is similar to another story. I don’t like copying other people.

PERSONALIZED STORIES: please read everything and complete the questionnaire before PM me.

+Every rule that I mentioned applies to this.
+You will have complete freedom on this case (you can choose their looks, names,.etc).
+You need to tell me about your favorite draft from this thread so I know what type of story you like. Example: “I like Romina, I would love an MC like her. I find interesting the plot of Morgan and Susie, can you send me something similar?”
+The changes don’t apply to you if you PM me before I made some changes.


-How many LI’s do you want? (please tell me the sexuality of the MC).
-How many chapters do you want?
-I don’t do well in genres like comedy and horror, are you ok with the fact that most of my stories include drama and dark topics?
-Did you already published something on the app? I would love to see your work so I have a general idea of your style.
-Mention the things that you can’t tolerate in a story.

I need to see all these answers in order to create a plot.


Hopeless romantic?

Also unselfish can be changed to selfless.


Thank you!!! English is not my first language and it’s hard to translate my notes


I already replied with something similar in another thread, but I don’t think this is useful since no one has requested any story. Should I close this? I don’t really know, I’m not mad because some things aren’t helpful and it’s just reality, I don’t want to make you feel bad for not replying because that’s not my intention, but I don’t know.

I will close this thread in two days if I have no answer or no one PM for a story because I prefer to spend my time with things that are really helpful to you (like backgrounds, I have a lot of requests and I can spend more time on these)


Hi! I like to follow your story ideas. I think it’d be interesting if someone would make a story out of them, but I’m currently writing a story, so that’s why I don’t request (and because I can’t write romance properly :joy:) :heart:
Spend your time with what you enjoy doing the most :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like reading them don’t close it out it’s helpful.


thanks! I like helping people on the forums, but I was thinking on maybe focusing more on backgrounds and overlays since it’s more helpful, but I won’t close this thread <3


Ahhh no don’t close this tread, I love coming here and reading your ideas, it motivates me a lot and inspires me to write more :see_no_evil:

I loved this one and I could have pmd you and have asked if I could use it, but I myself have way too many ongoing and upcoming projects :sweat_smile:


thank you :((( this makes me so happy

don’t worry! I can save that story for you, but I understand if you can’t compromise! I wish you the best of luck with your projects

I really want to thank everyone who replied, you made me so happy and I will translate some of my notes to bring more ideas <3


I noticed that my grammar and redaction sucks in English, my original notes and draft are more organized and well written than this. So I will see this as a way to improve my English, it’s hard for me to express my ideas in another language and I hope to progress over time <33

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I updated the rules! please read them <3


MC: Lily Cruise. She is stubborn, impulsive, and cruel sometimes. Lily likes to talk about profound topics which are funny because her friends only talk about trivial things. Her goal in the story is to be able to express her feelings in a normal way, she wants to do art because it’s beautiful, not as a coping mechanism. Lily has this aura of being “strong” but that’s why she can’t be vulnerable, people don’t take her pain seriously because they think that she can fight her problems alone.


Female Athletic Body
Gold 02
Arched Short Dark Brown
Messy Sock Bun Brown Black
Heavy Lid Upturned Ice Blue
Square Defined
Round Button
Full Round Flat Top Skin Red Deep Matte

Vintage Halter Cotton Neutral Black
Rippedleggingssimple Grey Black
Strapped Accented Watch Face Brown Sable
Laced Up Studded Open Toed Heels Leather Grey Black

LI: Jeremiah Sparks. He is a cheerful, generous, and good person overall. He is a hardworking person and has a lot of discipline, that’s why he irradiates this image of being “perfect”. His goal in the story is to be stronger, people take advantage of him most of the time and he doesn’t like being viewed as weak.

Story plot: Lily’s parents are tired of her bad behavior. She is a great artist, but her parents are worried that she is wasting her potential mingling with the wrong people. They say that they won’t give her money anymore (besides paying her college tuition).

Her parents give her only one option to gain money: Working for friends of them, their daughter wants to learn how to paint and Lily could do that. She refuses at first but then realizes that it’s the only way to gain money (doing something that she actually likes).

The main conflict is that this girl (she is 15) is perfect in every sense. Beautiful, smart, nice, and feminine. Lily feels bad for feeling “envious” of a teenager, but then she learns that this girl also feels jealous of her and they both have their insecurities. This is a light-hearted story, they both help each other and use art as a way to express their feelings.

My original ending was that they both show their work at an art gallery and make their parents proud. You can change that if you want, but please respect the original plot.

Relationship between the MC and LI: Lily feels intimidated by Jeremiah, he is extremely nice and doesn’t show any interest romantically in her (Jeremiah is just friendly). She knows that is not rational to fall in love with him because they could never be together, they are not compatible (Example: Lily is a little selfish and Jeremiah is the kind of person that loves to help others).

Lily feels inspired by him, not only for painting, he makes her want to be a nicer person. Jeremiah doesn’t feel attraction to her until they both spend time at the beach, then he realizes that he is falling for her carefree and spontaneous personality.

read this!!!!

You can add some things to their personalities and conflicts but please respect the original idea. Also, keep their names, I would love to read the story with the original version of them. You can’t change Lily’s appearance but you can choose Jeremiah’s looks (please keep in mind that he has an amiable aura).

If you PM please use the password: rain so I know that you read the whole thing.


The other important thing is that the stories that are not requested in 2 weeks will be removed from this thread and I will only have them in a drive document. Please take into consideration that all of these stories plots are created by me, so it all belongs to me until I permit another person to use them (and give them all the rights)

Nobody has stolen an idea but I prefer to clarify that :pensive: :pensive:


please I’m just stalking this thread… although I already have my story planned out I love some of these plots <3


thank you!!! :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

you can PM when you publish your story, maybe I can read it


AHHHH ofc <3 and sure tysm :sob: :white_heart:

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Story plot: Olivia saw a lot of bad things happening at the club she works in. She is not responsible for anything, but the fact that she knows these things and doesn’t do anything makes her feel disgusted. Olivia can’t bear the fact that people are so evil and perverted.

The main conflict is the moral of Olivia, she needs the money but she’s tired of this lifestyle.
*Just a recommendation, don’t be explicit with the things (because of the guidelines). You can keep that aura of mystery and let the readers create theories.

Olivia Hunt: She has a calm and peaceful personality, but she was treated unfairly in her town. People told her that she was stupid, not good at anything, and boring (including her parents). Olivia decided to leave all behind and start over, but it was difficult to be independent, so she found a horrible job that pays moderately well.

(She was raised in a conservative family, so that’s why her moral values are so strong and important to her).


Female Generic Body
Gold 01
Arched Short Dark Brown
Long Feathered Auburn Brown
Deepset Downturned Brown Light
Round Button Upturned
Medium Thin Pink Warm Gloss

Sleeveless Turtleneck Neutral Black
Deep V Neck Hemmed Sweater Dress Wool Black White
Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Black

I didn’t create an LI for this story, so feel free to create him/her whoever you like! You have 100% creative freedom as long as you respect the original plot and keep Olivia’s looks and name.

Password: platino (in case you PM for this story)


No one asked me these questions but I want to answer them in case you are curious.

1) Why can’t I change the MC/LI’s name in some stories?

Because I love their original names, some of them have a relevant meaning to the story or are liked by me. Sometimes names can represent your personality, for example, Lily is simple and cute just like a character that I created.

2) Why can’t I change the MC/LI’s appearance in some stories?

Because I like to respect their looks, most people complain to the typical blonde MC with the tattooed black hair guy LI, so this is my contribution to the community, I like to include types of couples that I haven’t seen on Episode (that doesn’t mean they don’t exist).

This applies to both questions, but I basically give my ideas for free and sometimes I don’t even ask for credit. I don’t think it’s unfair to respect my original vision, sometimes I’m extremely vague with the plots/personalities to give you more creative freedom, so idk.


Also, I give this space to any person who wants to share their plots, you can reply with them here and add your own rules <3