STORIES IDEAS HERE (for new authors, writers blocks, etc)

Hello everyone! I have my journal filled with drafts and story ideas and I want to share them with you. I’m honest with myself, I will never complete them because I don’t have the motivation and I’m dealing with personal problems. Please keep in mind that these stories are not complete, so it’s perfect if you just want something to work on and add your own ideas.

I will reply to this thread with every idea, hope you like it and it’s useful to someone!


  1. These are drafts and ideas that I wrote down to work on them in the future. I know that they are not complete, so you will do the hard work.
  2. Credit is not optional. You have two options: stating that the original story idea was mine in the app (Episode) or publishing an Instagram story and tagging me (atsukowrites).
  3. You need to notify me that one of these ideas is going to be used, so I can erase it from the thread. I don’t want people to work on the same idea at the same time.

4.I won’t ask for money even for the stories even tho you are getting revenues (if you unlock writers payment for example). I would appreciate it if you donate a little bit of money if you want (even 10 dollars is fine if you are gaining money from Episode), but remember that I do this for free.
5. Read the rules of each idea. These are the general rules, but some of them will have specific guidelines.
6. You need to finish the story. It doesn’t matter how much time you get, please don’t compromise if you are not going to code and write the script.
7. These ideas can only be used in Episode.
8. This is optional, but please let me know if one of my ideas is similar to another story. I don’t like copying other people.




1)You can’t change the MC and LI’s names.
2)You can’t change the MC’s appearance, but you can choose the LI’s looks.
3)You can choose the story’s name.
4)You can’t change the main character’s aesthetic.
5)Spin-offs are allowed.

Romina Figueroa:

Age: 19

Occupation: Works in an extravagant store where they sell alternative clothing. It isn’t her style but the people are nice. She works there to help with part of her college tuition (she is studying law).

Personality: She is calm, nice, and rational. She tends to make sarcastic or dark jokes with her friends (most of these jokes are mocking herself, she is not an abusive person). People tend to be intimidated by her, even assume she is rude, but they change their minds once they meet her.

Relationship status:Single (but has a crush).

Friends: She has a group of three friends who always encourage her to get out of her comfort zone. Romina has a hard time doing fun things, so her friends make her laugh and not take life so seriously.

Family:Her parents are unpredictable. Sometimes they are the nicest people alive and show support, but then change when they are angry and just avoid and ignore her (because they don’t want to be with other people). Romina has conflicted feelings towards her parents, they are the only family that she knows, her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and older brother are in Chile.

Hobbies: Debates and martial arts. That’s why she seems intimidating, she is excellent at these things, and wins most of the time.

Ethnicity: Chilean (South America).

Goals: Being more vulnerable, Romina is tired of everyone seeing her as a strong and invincible woman. She likes being able to control her emotions but doesn’t like people fearing and/or hating her because of the image she irradiates.

Fears: Not changing, not being the cool and feminine girl that she wants to be (I don’t agree with her trying to change to fulfill other people’s dreams, but that’s part of the development of Romina).

Dreams: Being liked by guys. She dreams of being the popular girl that every guy likes, Romina is tired of intimidating them. Her second dream is meeting Rome and Moscow.

Biggest weakness: Being a little jealous and envious sometimes.

Biggest strength: Romina wins most of her debates without being angry or insulting people.She is right 99,9% of the time thanks to her rational mind, is rare that emotions control her.

Zodiac (just in case you like this): Virgo.

Childhood experience: Romina had a best friend in Chile, they were inseparable and the cool girls at school. The problem is that her parents needed to move out, her dad had a spectacular job offer and he couldn’t refuse. This made her sad, starting over was horrible for her.

Current struggle: She has a crush on a boy who gives her mixed signals. He has a girlfriend but says that he doesn’t want to be with her. This boy basically manipulates Romina, but she is not used to dealing with the opposite sex so she doesn’t know how to act.

Romina is also having problems because the friends of this guy are the “cool kids” of college and they remind her of the times that she had in Chile. Her current friends don’t like being around them, so Romina has internal conflicts.


Female Generic Body
Gold 02
Arched Short Dark Brown
Long Curls Auburn Brown
Heavy Lid Upturned Brown Pale
Round Button
Medium Thin Dark Apricot Matte


Uniform Tennis Skirt Dress Cotton Plaid White
Double Button Elastic Knitted Headband Wool Grey Ivory
Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White




Selim Ozker:

Age: 21

Occupation: Works in a gym, he is a personal trainer. He doesn’t feel satisfied in that job but feels proud for having a job that pays well.

Personality: Tends to be profound, brutally honest, rational, and introspective. He questions everything, always defends people when he sees injustice.

Relationship status: Single.

Friends: He only has 2 friends who are completely crazy, Selim needs to take care of their mess most of the time. One of them is aggressive and impulsive, so he gets into fights easily. The other one is a womanizer and always has troubles with women (some of them are married, unstable, etc).

Family:He loves his family more than anything, Selim is happy for giving them a comfortable lifestyle. The problem is that his family insists that he needs to be careful with people so Selim does everything that he can to avoid gold diggers and shallow men. His parents live in a nice neighborhood with his 2 little sisters (twins).They used to live a luxurious life in Turkey until someone betrayed his family, that’s why Selim doesn’t trust people easily.

Hobbies: He writes poetry since is the only way he feels comfortable being vulnerable and plays the guitar. Selim also works out a lot, but that’s more part of his job.

Ethnicity: Turkish.

Goals: Being able to have his own gym and expand his business across the country. It’s an ambitious goal, but he is organized so created small steps to obtain that goal.

Fears: Falling for a girl’s charm or letting money control his life. Selim doesn’t like hedonism, he doesn’t want to be like his friends that let sexuality and money control them.

Dreams: Going on adventures, he likes structure but deep inside wants to do wild things once. That’s why he has crazy friends, it’s an unconscious choice because he desires to do exciting things.

Biggest weakness: Being a pessimist.

Biggest strength: His devotion to his family, he is a persistent and hard-working person.Selim would do anything for his loved ones.

Zodiac (just in case you like this): Capricorn.

Childhood experience: He used to be “weak” and his classmates used to bully him for not being strong. He started working out and found confidence, he didn’t take revenge or anything like that, he just wanted to accept himself.

Current struggle: There’s a girl that shows interest in Selim at the gym. He doesn’t like her, but she is too sweet to break her heart (I didn’t plan to make her the crazy girl that is in love with the LI and sabotages the MC). This girl is nice and it’s hard for Selim to reject her, even though he is brutally honest.

There’s also another rival company that is competing against the place where he is currently working and many people are leaving.



My draft idea: (remember, this is just a draft that I translated from my notes)

The main conflict of this story is the differences between Romina and Selim, and their problems with other characters. They both have their insecurities, but I love to include duality, so Romina is the kind of girl that scares boys and Selim is the contrast of that.I don’t mean to be cheesy, but our minds can be the biggest antagonists of our life, our brain can torture us with intrusive thoughts or bad memories from our past. So I didn’t plan the typical story where the exterior world is extremely chaotic, most of the drama of this story involves the MC and LI’s mind.

This is like a blank canvas, perfect for the people who like to have creative freedom in their stories, so this is all I’m going to include.




1)You can’t change the MC and LI’s names.
2)You can’t change the MC’s appearance, but you can choose the LI’s looks.
3)You can choose the story’s name.
4)You can’t change the main character’s aesthetic.
5)Spin-offs are allowed.

Lexi Moore

Age: 21

Occupation: She studies arts, her major is in drama & theater.

Personality: Lexi tends to be a chill person, people like to be around her because she seems cools without being cocky. She is responsible, hard-working, and unselfish.

Relationship status: She is single but wants to be in a relationship. I don’t know how to explain this, but she desires to find someone to love (not in a desperate way, but she daydreams about romantic scenarios).

Friends: She had a big group of friends but currently has just one because of past dramas (some of them did questionable things, I originally wrote on my draft that they are the party animal type and have bad habits, so Lexi didn’t like that).

Family: Her parents are in the art fields as well, they have a beautiful relationship even though her mother tends to travel a lot (she is an opera singer). Lexi’s dad always encouraged her to be in touch with her feelings and enjoy art. The family spends their time going to museums, recitals, opera nights, etc. She has a great relationship with her parents and they are a huge part of her life.

Hobbies: This is redundant, but her hobbies include singing, acting and things related to art.

Ethnicity: African American (the original MC, but you can give customization and let the readers decide).

Goals: Work for an important theater in her city, being able to live doing what she likes (just like her parents).

Fears: Being influenced by bad people and working for mainstream entertainment (she fears that lifestyle because of all the shady things that revolve around celebrities, my draft had more things but Episode’s guidelines are strict).

Dreams: Create music (her own album) and have a leading role in an important musical. This may sound contradictory with being a celebrity, but she wants to have success without being the next Ariana Grande or Beyonce.

Biggest weakness: Being a little intolerant and selfish sometimes.

Biggest strength: Her maturity. Lexi is an emotionally mature person and doesn’t waste her time with dramas and fights (she is like the phrase: ladies do not start fights but they can finish them).

Zodiac (just in case you like this): Aquarius.

Childhood experience: As I said earlier, Lexi had a great relationship with her parents so her family experience was great. But she lost her grandparents while being a child, and that hurt her, they were just as greats as her parents.

Current struggle: Lexi has a great voice, and good acting skills, but everyone in her class does too. She doesn’t want this, but she has to be a little competitive and try to shine in a place where there’s only one protagonist spot.


Female Generic Body
Rose 09
Straight Medium blackJet
Natural Afro blackJet
Hooded Slender Almond Brown Medium
Round Flared Downturned Broad
Full Round Pouty Rose Dark Nude Gloss


Graphics Cap Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey
(PP) Oversize Outfit Shorts Denim Light Blue
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black




Agustin Stoessel

Age: 22

Occupation: He is currently studying physics at an Ivy League.

Personality: A little manipulative, he likes to play with people and create mental games. Agustin is direct, organized, and independent, but his friends influence him a lot.

Relationship status:Single.

Friends: He has two friends (bad influence). They encourage him to do bad things and be reckless.

Family: His family is divided because of money, his aunt wants the inheritance of his grandfather, but she didn’t inherit the money because of her lifestyle (his aunt is chaotic, always doing stupid things with money). Agustin grew up seeing how everything was about money in his family, they weren’t a loving family (his parents are not rude or neglected, but they were always distant).

Hobbies: This is not a hobby, but Agustin enjoys going on vacations. He also likes going to exclusive clubs with his friends, he is in a bad state of mind so the things that were interesting to him aren’t important anymore, he just wants to distract.

Ethnicity: Half argentinian and half american.

Goals: Being the CEO of his family’s main company. He is tired of all the drama they create because of money, so he wants to take everything away and leave them with nothing. (It’s a stupid goal, but that’s the point).

Dreams: Buying his favorite car company and working there.

Biggest weakness: His impulsiveness.

Biggest strength: His intelligence.

Zodiac (just in case you like this): Gemini sun, Scorpio moon.

Childhood experience: As I said earlier, his childhood experience was bad, not because of his parents, but the family dynamic was toxic and all they care about is money. He was the golden boy at his school and everything seemed “perfect”, but he never liked that lifestyle.

Current struggle: He is currently struggling with enjoying his major, but he knows that is just a responsibility so he needs to continue with that even though he is not happy. He is tired of everything, he doesn’t enjoy his life and his friends know this.

Moodboard/Aesthetic: (He only shows this style at college and with his family. Agustin dresses differently with his friends)


My draft idea: (remember, this is just a draft that I translated from my notes)

The main conflict of this story is that somebody sent a threat to Lexi (she started to receive weird text messages). She realized that they weren’t targeting her, but she felt guilty for not doing anything. Someone could suffer because of this, so she felt the need of finding this person. She only knew that this person is a male, studies at an important university, and has an affluent family. Lexi’s journey is difficult because it could be anyone from these colleges, but then meets Agustin, she thought it was him and tried to help him, but in reality, this person is a person who has a feud with Agustin, so there’s a lot of secrets, mystery, and deception.


Hopeless romantic?

Also unselfish can be changed to selfless.

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Thank you!!! English is not my first language and it’s hard to translate my notes

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1)You can’t change the MC and LI’s names.
2)You can choose the MC’s and LI’s appearance as long as you respect their aesthetic (for example Bella’s red hair).
3)You can choose the story’s name.
4)You can’t change the main character’s aesthetic.
5)Spin-offs are allowed.
6)THIS STORY DOESN’T NEED CREDIT SINCE IT’S JUST A SIMPLE DRAFT. Rule number 2 and 4 don’t apply to this. Just notify me that the story is going to be used by you so I can erase it from the document and promote your story!

Bella Allen

Bella has a dark and mysterious personality but gives the impression of being a good girl (just like Xavier).She enjoys going out at night and just being alone. Bella caused something bad, she made a boy leave her school because he was a terrible partner to her ex-best friend (I originally wanted to make the partner an “abusive” man, but Episode’s guidelines wouldn’t let that so I will let you decide). She spread the rumor that he stole something valuable from the school, Bella made sure that all the clues lead the police to him, but then found out that he was innocent and her “friend” was the bad one. She now feels guilty and decides to be alone. (sorry for the bad redaction, I just translated this from my notes)


Xavier Blanchart

Xavier seems like an angel until you meet him. He has a lot of anger and resentment towards other people. Revenge is his number one priority. He threatens people and makes them remain silent when they find out about the bad things that he does. This character is horrible at first, but I wanted to give him a major twist and make him pay for his mistakes while maturing.



Main conflict:

The bad things that Xavier and Bella have done. I wanted to create a complicated story with characters that have questionable moral values but make them grow later on. This is just a draft as I said, I just wrote down those things in my notebook. This story is like 1% done, so it’s perfect if you want to have creative freedom!

Please share any feedback or correct me if my grammar is poor because I want to improve


I don’t know if any of you want a custom story plot (I can even work on the characters), but PM for more info. I can adapt some of my ideas to what are you looking for (for example a story about a CEO woman who falls in love with the CEO of a rival company, it’s just a cheesy example).

Or you can also have access to ideas that I haven’t share yet, I’m open to your messages!

I apologize for replying too many times in this thread, I will link a drive document with all the story ideas. Please PM if you are interested in working in one of these!

You can bump this thread or give me ideas (example: I would want to see an idea including vampires and college life), this thread may be useful to some people so I don’t want it to disappear :(((


UPDATE: I will give some stories ideas and plots for free and without credit, just PM in case you are interested (this not applies to the stories on the drive and this thread).

I’m so sorry if I reply to my own thread many times, but I just had this idea and I wanted to share it with you in case someone is interested (rules 2 and 4 don’t apply here).

This is a romantic story, MC just found out about the Law of Attraction and tried to attract a partner. The main conflict is that she holds grudges against her ex and she finds someone with the same goal (the LI, he wants to get revenge against his cheater ex).

They started their relationship on the wrong foot, they both wanted to replace the blank space that their exes left. They weren’t honest with each other, sexual attraction was there but they eventually realize that their intentions weren’t honest, so they separate for a while (on good terms).

They both were 19 when all of this happened, so time goes by and they both mature. MC goes to an event in London because her best friend is going to marry, she went for a walk to get to know the city and finds a man sitting alone reading a book, she recognizes him and goes talk to him (it was LI). They both matured and now they can have a healthy relationship, I don’t like when stories rush the romance so this would be slow since they are getting to know each other again.

That’s all I have, feel free to PM if you want to work on this story. Also, let me know if this is similar to another story, I don’t like copying other’s people work!

You can choose their names and looks on the portal, but please maintain their original features and looks (I will leave a picture so you know how I envisioned them, you can create them however but you need to respect their ethnicities).


(you need to know about kpop and famous sports like soccer, basketball or tennis for this story)

MC was a kpop idol and was in the girl group. The problem is that she didn’t like the cute concept that they have (she trained to be a rapper and her talent was being wasted) so she left the group because she also didn’t have creative freedom. MC comes to the US thanks to a record deal, but the problem is that they push this image of being a strong rapper (like Nicki Minaj and Meghan Thee Stallion, I know we can’t use famous people in the stories but I only use this example so you understand what I mean).

The problem is that MC has the same problem now, she just wants to create songs with deep meanings, but her record label wants her to release songs that will be famous (even tho they have no meaning).

On the other hand, LI is a famous athlete, he is used to having girls next to him. He enjoyed that lifestyle when he first started, but eventually got tired because none of these girls loved him and his mom made him realize that finding the right woman is better than having flings with 100 girls. He met MC at the stadium (or the place where he plays, you will pick the sport) and had an instant crush when he heard her rap.

Their love story is beautiful, they both have stressful lives so they just want to be together and eat sushi, LI loves to talk with MC and falls more in love when he realizes that she is a deep person, his friends knew her music and didn’t believe him because she portrays a completely different image.

So yeah, that’s all I have. You can choose their names and looks on the portal, but please maintain their original features and looks (I will leave a picture so you know how I envisioned them, you can create them however but you need to respect their ethnicities).

Also, MC is asian. kpop idols can be from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc, so any country is fine (she can even be Asian American), but please respect her ethnicity while choosing a name.

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(this is an LGTBQ+ story, LI is a woman).

The MC of this story is Yanira Floyd, she is extremely secretive and doesn’t trust anyone, her mind makes her believe that everyone wants to hurt her (she doesn’t have a mental disorder, I don’t think Episode allows that topic). Yanira tries to avoid the consequences of her intrusive thoughts with affirmations, but she stills suffers because she can’t have a healthy relationship (she isolates herself and doesn’t talk to her family members, friends, classmates, etc).

LI is the opposite, she was the one talking to Yanira and being nice to her. I don’t like stories where they have “toxic” characters and make the MC/LI that they can change, so don’t think this story is about this. On the contrary, LI doesn’t want to change Yanira, she just wants to be a support system to her. LI encourages Yanira to go to therapy, she invites her to fun dates and makes her trust in someone without being paranoid.

The main conflict is the fight between Yanira and her mind, she doesn’t have a mental disorder, people can suffer from mental health issues without having a medical condition.

This is how I envisioned Yanira and LI, you can pick their looks while respecting their important features (black hair and red hair for example). I will let you decide the LI’s name.

Again, sorry for replying to my own thread many times. I hope this doesn’t bother anyone.

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Background: MC misses her home country even tho people didn’t want to be around her (even family members), it’s weird for her to live in another country. She used to be hostile and bitchy, that’s why she needed to leave her town and try living somewhere else (she didn’t feel welcome in her previous town and she hurt the wrong person). She often attended parties and was popular around people, but then she became cocky and had problems with a girl who is the daughter of the mayor of the town (it was a small town so she had a lot of power).

Love story: MC works at a beauty salon and has a crush on the barber that works near her (the LI). He doesn’t realize this, so it’s frustrating and one day she decides to tell him that she is interested in him. Summer is coming so they both start to do activities together after work, but their biggest conflict is money (they are both struggling).

I will leave photos about how I envisioned them, please respect their original looks if you want to work on this story (you can pick the features but keep the skin tone, hair color, etc). You can also choose their names, I didn’t work that much in that story if I’m being honest and it’s not the best, but maybe it’s helpful to someone and they can add more interesting things

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I already replied with something similar in another thread, but I don’t think this is useful since no one has requested any story. Should I close this? I don’t really know, I’m not mad because some things aren’t helpful and it’s just reality, I don’t want to make you feel bad for not replying because that’s not my intention, but I don’t know.

I will close this thread in two days if I have no answer or no one PM for a story because I prefer to spend my time with things that are really helpful to you (like backgrounds, I have a lot of requests and I can spend more time on these)


Hi! I like to follow your story ideas. I think it’d be interesting if someone would make a story out of them, but I’m currently writing a story, so that’s why I don’t request (and because I can’t write romance properly :joy:) :heart:
Spend your time with what you enjoy doing the most :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like reading them don’t close it out it’s helpful.


thanks! I like helping people on the forums, but I was thinking on maybe focusing more on backgrounds and overlays since it’s more helpful, but I won’t close this thread <3

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Ahhh no don’t close this tread, I love coming here and reading your ideas, it motivates me a lot and inspires me to write more :see_no_evil:

I loved this one and I could have pmd you and have asked if I could use it, but I myself have way too many ongoing and upcoming projects :sweat_smile:


thank you :((( this makes me so happy

don’t worry! I can save that story for you, but I understand if you can’t compromise! I wish you the best of luck with your projects

I really want to thank everyone who replied, you made me so happy and I will translate some of my notes to bring more ideas <3


MC: Georgina (Gina) Torres, her family was originally from Cuba and she lives alone (she moved away when she was 19 and currently is 21). Gina has a rebel personality, tends to be flirty and sassy. Her aesthetic and clothing style is a little tomboy and urban, she always steals hoodies and t-shirts from her brother (he is younger).

She is the type of girl who has a lot of crushes (with real people and celebrities), but the problem is that Gina has bad taste in men, she likes the complicated boys who end up hurting her. Some people like “fixing” people, she is the perfect example, Gina always gave them opportunities and believed them when they say they changed.

LI: Dylan Rochfort, 24. He is “boring” and too good, so he finds it attractive that Gina is more impulsive and makes him do more exciting things. He is the songwriter and producer of a famous girl group (they originally are called Candy Melody and are from the US, but you can choose their name). He writes many songs about Gina, but she doesn’t realize it because she doesn’t like that pop band (she is not a hater, but she prefers rap and trap).

His main conflict is that this girl group becomes extremely famous and their record label convinced them of changing their style, so they dump Dylan and ignore the fact that they had a friendship. He feels sad because fame changed them.

Remember that I said that Dylan is boring? Well, he innovates his music and creates a new style. He finds another record label and becomes confident (Gina is also responsible for this), I had many ideas for Dylan’s development but I will let that some author decides.

That’s all that I have, this was just a draft there’s not a lot of info on the characters. But feel free to add some things (in case you want to work on the story).

The main conflicts are Gina’s immaturity and Dylan’s lack of confidence. They help each other to grow without trying to change or fix the other person. It was hard for me to translate this from my notes (it was written in Spanish) but I tried my best, feel free to correct my grammar.

I will leave photos about how I envisioned them, please respect their original looks if you want to work on this story (you can pick the features but keep the skin tone, hair color, etc).

Read this!!!

You can add some things to their personalities and conflicts but please respect the original idea. Also, keep their names, I would love to read the story with the original version of them.

If you PM please use the password: cupcakes so I know that you read the whole thing.

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