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Hi beautiful people, it would help me a lot if you reply to your favorite plot of this thread, maybe you won’t use it, but I want to know your preferences (aside from the polls).

Also, you can be specific with your answer.

Example: I like the story about Lyuda, but I would like to see something similar where I can choose the MC’s name and appearance.


This is my favourite plot, I love reading/writing about friendships :heart:


Thank you for the feedback!!! I will include more plots where the friendship plays a huge part <3


I really liked this one :blush:


Mini plot: MC was a rebel and partied a lot (since 18 to 22, she is 23 now). A lot of bad things happened to her, she lost friends, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her (this isn’t LI) and she almost got robbed and couldn’t defend herself (because she was drunk) until a girl saw her and defended her.

MC was always the prettiest girl, but she now found someone who she “envies” because she is pretty on the inside and outside. MC preferred to leave that jealously aside because this girl was willing to help her recover her life again. MC fixed her relationship with her parents, got a decent job (she finished college but didn’t work on anything before), and now is having a beautiful friendship with that girl…

The problem? her new friend had a brother who was in the army and now is back (LI), he was MC’s first boyfriend and basically broke her soul (he was the reason why she became reckless). MC has a moral conflict now, her friend told her that he changed and he went to the army to be more disciplined and responsible, but MC has her doubts. She was able to change thanks to this girl, so this must be the case of her brother…


  • no credit needed for this (is optional), but please let me know if you are going to use this so I remove it from the thread
  • you can choose the MC and LI’s names and appearance
  • password: la di da (in case you PM)

Mini plot: MC is known for being funny and light ut the room when she enters, people enjoy being around her. One day she heard a conversation between a guy (LI) and another boy, he didn’t take his problems seriously so MC decided to talk with LI and make him know that she is going to be his friend and cheer him up.

He answered in a cold and rude way, which made MC feel bad. This made LI feel even worse, so he tried to talk to MC the next day. The conflict of this story is that there’s a guy interested in MC and LI denied his feelings for MC at first, but then he became sadder because MC is nice to everyone, he isn’t special.


  • no credit needed for this (is optional), but please let me know if you are going to use this so I remove it from the thread
  • you can choose the MC and LI’s names and appearance
  • password: drip (in case you PM)

Mini plot: One mistake made MC a control freak, she was a witness of a horrible crime and she blamed herself for the outcome (the criminal wasn’t found guilty). The criminal is friends with a famous rapper and has a lot of connections, but they didn’t threaten MC (only because his lawyer told him to don’t do it). MC promised herself to never go to a place alone, and now freaks out whenever she hears strange people talking and doing things.

LI, on the other side, just lost his mother because of cancer. He is devastated, he wasn’t a good son. LI spent a lot of time with bad friends instead of being with his mother, this thing made him hate himself.

The conflict? they both met each other through common friends, but they are too hurt to start a relationship.


  • no credit needed for this (is optional), but please let me know if you are going to use this so I remove it from the thread
  • you can choose the MC and LI’s names and appearance
  • password: artificial love (in case you PM)

Mini plot: MC comes from a cold country (you choose it) and her parents decided to move to the place they met each other (they met on a tropical vacation, it’s a meaningful country to both of them). MC was excited to meet new people and live near the beach, but she didn’t know that she would make a mob heir (LI) angry by a stupid mistake.

The conflict of this story? MC’s parents didn’t tell her that this “beautiful town” had a dangerous gang and she is now having troubles with them. She doesn’t know how to tell her parents that the place they visited before isn’t the same anymore.


  • no credit needed for this (is optional), but please let me know if you are going to use this so I remove it from the thread
  • you can choose the MC and LI’s names and appearance
  • password: rumor (in case you PM)

I really liked this one :heart:


Plot/conflict: Alma was just chilling outside at the park and relaxing with her friends until a hitman killed a man in front of them. She didn’t see anything but heard the gunshots and the screams… this was enough to make her feel sad. Things get worst when the hitman starts threatening her for being a witness and hanging out with the sheriff’s son (LI).

Alma Shapiro (MC):

Zodiac sign: Scorpio.
Personality: Alma is serene most of the time, she loves stability and doing peaceful activities. The only problem is that she becomes emotional and resentful when it comes to conflicts, so this makes people describe her as “moody” and “intimidating” even though she is tranquil 99,9% of the time.
Family dynamic/childhood experience: She is the daughter of a single mother, her father wasn’t around when she was little so that makes her feel admiration for her mother for being able of taking care of her alone.
Occupation: She works as a saleswoman at a famous car company (use a fake one, Episode doesn’t allow a real one).
Friends/family: Her friends aren’t bad, but they are a little shallow and arrogant. The same applies to her mother, she feels too proud of her achievements and forgets to be humble.
Goals/Dreams: To be able to heal herself and forget about the mistakes she made growing up. She wasn’t a “good” person growing up and that makes her feel terrible. Alma did many wrong things, but regrets being bad at her first boyfriend and humiliating him, he didn’t deserve that and she knows that.
Relationship status: Alone, she wants to believe she is “happier” that way but desires a romance deep inside.

Lukas Doheny (LI):

Zodiac sign: Leo.
Personality: Lukas has a dark personality, he is now trying to start over and let his ego aside, but he is struggling with the problems that he caused. He was an arrogant person but certain events made him want to change.
Family dynamic/childhood experience: His dad used to be a criminal when he was born, but then went to rehab and became a police officer. Lukas’s dad caused a lot of problems to his family even though he changed. Lukas grew up hating his father and idolizing his mother because she is “innocent”.
Occupation: He isn’t doing anything at the moment (aside from college). His dad wants him to work and gain money so he can be more independent, but Lukas refuses and gets mad.
Friends/family: His parents are a little conservative and traditional, but his friends are chill and just want to enjoy life (without working and some of them don’t even study). He always has problems with his dad because of his friends because his dad believes that they are mediocre.
Goals/Dreams: To marry a woman like his mother. Ok, I know this sounds creepy, but he just desires a good wife who loves him and believes in him (like his mother with his dad)
Relationship status: He is single but he hooks up with a lot of girls. His mother tries to warn him that isn’t good to have those kinds of relationships but he just ignores her.


  • You can choose their appearance but don’t change the names.
  • You can add more things to the story, but don’t change the plot or the basic info.
  • Credit is optional, but you need to notify me if you are going to work on the story.
  • password: ether (in case you PM).

I’m sorry for making this again, but I won’t update this thread until someone requests a plot. Don’t worry, I will come back with new ideas and I hope you like them (I’m taking into consideration the polls and your replies).

This will only last 2 days, I don’t like threads with a lot of replies because it’s overwhelming to read them :((


Mini plot: MC lives in a hidden town (you choose the country). Not so many people know about this place… and it’s better if they keep it that way, dangerous people use this place to do the most hideous and illicit things (think about mafias, shady CEO’s, corrupt politicians, you choose it).

What will happen when a famous investigator (LI) finds this place and decides to do justice?


Also, I will have to do this again. I’m sorry, but 77 replies is A LOT. I prefer to focus on threads that are more useful to you, so idk :((

I will give you an incentive in case you work on one of these stories… I will promote it regularly and support your work, I consider myself an active member of this community and I will try my best to promote the story <3

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I updated the document, I have some ideas that aren’t on this thread. You can read them <3


Mini plot: Layla is trying to help her father to protect his company from a rival company that is trying to sabotage them. His father is a good leader and people love working with him, so that’s why people are more productive. This drives the rival CEO insane, he wants to have the leader company on the market.

She is too focused on her goal, but one of her classmates has a crush on her and Layla doesn’t want to fall in love. Will he be able to convince her?

Layla Conrad (MC): I will include a list of things that characterize her, I’m trying a new way of explaining my characters. I hope you like it!

  • She is 19.
  • She is conventionally attractive, people only see a pretty face while looking at her. I envisioned her as a tan brunette, but you can change that.
  • She had a toxic ex-boyfriend who only used her for her body (it wasn’t abused, he just used her). Layla is now afraid of having a relationship, she avoids sex.
  • She looks calm and stoic on the outside, but she isn’t like that. Layla is broken deep inside, she can’t control her emotions.
  • She has a stepsister who was her rival growing up but now they are best friends and love each other. You can create her whoever you want, but keep in mind she is Latina.

IMPORTANT: THE LI HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RIVAL COMPANY, the main conflict of this story is the fact that sometimes we focus too much on a goal and we forget to pay attention to our personal lives.


  • You can create the LI and have complete freedom over his personality as long as you respect the original plot.
  • You can’t change MC’s name, but you can choose her appearance.
  • Credit is optional, but I appreciate it if you bump this thread or recommend it to other people.
  • Password: blue sky (in case you PM to request this story).

Just a reminder:

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I don’t know if I should continue writing plots here or just wait until someone requests :(((

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Mini plot: MC is an elf and she loves stability and living in the forest. But what will happen when her home is destroyed by an evil company? Will this introverted soul be able to fight for her home? or will her lack of communication with the exterior world go against her?

MC (You choose her name):

  • Has a beautiful laugh, this is one of the things LI loves about her.
  • Loves the forest and her cabin there, she loves the peace.
  • Her parents were murder by animals in the forest.
  • She is feisty, independent, and a little aggressive since her home is being destroyed.


  • You can create LI as long as you respect the original plot.
  • You can choose the name and appearance of MC.
  • Respect the original plot, that’s all I ask.
  • Credit is optional.
  • Password: Lion Heart.

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  • don’t change their names
  • respect their appearance while creating them on the portal
    +credit is optional
  • password: maenomeri
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  • you choose their names
  • respect their appearance while creating them on the portal
  • credit is optional
  • password: gashina

Please reply here if you want the and I will PM you, I’m having issues with that :(((

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