Stories in Spanish


Hi guys!
Has anyone read any good stories on episode containing the language? I’m currently learning and I think reading a good story could help me see how much I actually know.


I’ve not heard of one but I’m also learning, Episode should have a button where they can change the language from English to another foreign language


I agree. At least then, I can say I’m learning and not procrastinating on episode. :laughing:


Haha! You should be the first person to create one! I’d read it.


Lol :laughing: Are you kidding me? My story would probably offend every spanish speaker there is. I’ll just let the experts handle it.


xDD My spanish isn’t great either, that’s why Google Translate is my best friend, even if it gets things wrong sometimes


I love this idea I speak Spanish but I don’t like putting it in my stories because then I’ll just accidentally change the language from Spanish to English :sweat: but I may do some lines then have the English translation in brackets :upside_down_face:


Yeah, cool idea!!


Very nice idea!! I use google translate for Spanish a lot since I read those story that has spanish lines but they don’t translate for you.


@Ryan please close this thread…