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What are some of the best interactive stories you’ve read were you really get ingrossed into the characters


Here are some of my personal favorites:

  • The Clumsy Super Girl
  • Loose Lips Sink Ships
  • The Clockwork Hearts
  • Through The Worlds
  • Under Pressure
  • Lost In New York

And since this is in the promote your story category, here’s my story if you’re interested.

When shipwreck leaves you lost at sea with a band of pirates can you use the stars to navigate? With a crazed king on your tail and treasure on the map this sea is full of secrets.


Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill

Story Description
Trying to protect the world from the most powerful interdimensional being there is, is hard enough, but what happens when you fall for his hot but heartless son?
(cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

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Promoting my story!

Name: A Model of Love
Author: Shiran k. AKA mehasels!
Chapters: 17
Story description: You are paving your way as a young, professional model. What happens when Matthew Santos, the new guy, shows you life beyond the catwalk? (Limelight, full customization, art scenes)
Reads: over 300k!


These are my favourite ones:

Stray heart

Definitely my favourite story of all time! I’m a sucker for bad boy turns good stories :sweat_smile:




fall from grace

This is an lgbtq+ story so if ur not into that u probably won’t like it :sweat_smile: It’s basically modern day Romeo and Juliet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::raised_hand:t2:


Falling for wicked games


Please save me


Jaded love


My sister’s crush


Fake love




Rockstar roommate



Hey darling! My story’s pretty interactive, there are several point systems and choices matter. Here are some more details in case you’re interested:

Title: The Fixer
Genre: Drama/Romance
Link :
Instagram: @dynastywrites
Description: Power, money and influence. This successful Hollywood fixer has the perfect life. But when someone from her past comes back for a favor, everything is about to change.
Extras: Full CC for MC and LIs + 2 LIs + Point System + Choices Matter :sparkles:

Hi!! I have a new romance story out that I would love for you all to read!!
Title: Mine
Author: Cookie (IG: cookie.episodestory)
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 4
Description: Brooklyn’s a rising star and he’s a renowned athlete. What happens when the two are caught together? Will she make it out with her career still intact, or will she crash and burn?

  • Full CC
  • One love interest
  • Points system
  • No gem choices that affect the storyline

Here’s my story, it might be what you’re looking for: :blue_heart:

Title: It’s in the Woods
Genre: Horror (includes mystery and romance)
Style: Limelight
IG username: may.i.writeepisode

Status: locked for proof-reading
It started as a reunion road trip, but the woods called you in and they don’t want you to leave until you uncover all their gory secrets.

Some features:

  • LGBTQ+
  • 6 possible LI’s (male & female)
  • choose your gender/sexuality/pronouns
  • point system
  • very important choices!
  • CC
  • high quality art scenes
  • advanced directing
  • sound & music


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When will it be available to read?

1-3 days

Title: I Wanted You.

Amanda’s life was perfect. That is until she met Xavier, a rebel with a dark secret. Who makes her question all she thought she knew about herself and her life. (LL/CC)

Genre: Drama
Episodes: 7 with more to come
Instagram: abby_epi_writes


Thank you for this thread! :blue_heart:

Title: Our Secret
Author: Elle
Style: Limelight
Genre: Comedy, more of a RomCom
Chapters: 12 (ongoing)
Description: A new chapter in your life starts with your new job. New problems seem to appear and on top of that you have a fling with a co-worker. How will you handle everything?
My Instagram: @ellejepisode
Story Cover:

Title The vampire prince
Author Jojo
Genre Drama/Fantasy
Instagram @joxilove.write
Episode 39 Completed
Description You decide to start a new life after a terrible break up. You have a steamy encounter with a mysterious stranger. Will you discover who he really is?

OH MY GOD!! A SUPER thrilling story whose cover gave me goosebumps!! :heart_eyes::fire:
Please let me know when you release it!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! :pleading_face:

I LOVE THESE!! :chef::heart_eyes_cat:

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I’ll update the status of the story here on this thread and on my instagram :).

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Alright!! Do tag me on your thread! PLEASE :pleading_face:

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Will do.

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Hey there,

My new story is “Twice In A Lifetime” which is a sequel/spinoff of my first story “Unexpected Perfection”. Choices matter and there are multiple choices in every Episode!

CC : Yes
Description : For Everly and Lucas it was love at first sight. When she wakes up from a coma with no memory of him, will he succeed in making her fall in love with him once again?
Genre : Romance
Art Scenes : Yes
Choices : Choices Matter, Points System
Gems : Top Up Points and Support the Author, Unlock Bonus Scenes if Points Insufficient
Episodes Published : 4
Link :

Copy of Twice In A Lifetime-2

  • Title: Power of Persuasion
  • Description: Jasmine Montgomery’s life changes when she recieves her Grandmother’s necklace which gives her the Power of Persuasion, will this Power be her saving grace or her downfall?
  • Genre: Realistic Fantasy
  • Number of chapters: 7
  • Ongoing or completed?: Ongoing
  • Character customization?: No
  • Number of LI?: 1

I’m reading Power of Persuasion. Check it out:

Hello. This is my first story, so I hope you like it.

Name: Belonging Together
Author: Jae27
Genre: Romance (a bit of drama)
Chapters: 9 (more coming soon)
Style: LL
Description: Cassidy is the queen bee who rules the school with an iron fist. He is a nerd new to your hive. When she finds out who he actually is, she re-examines herself and her relationships.
Social media accounts: None lol.

Would like to know what you think.