Stories links are not opening any more

I don’t know if this is happening also to others.

I used to be able to open stories links shared on this forum. Now not any more. I’m on phone, not on computer.

It was happening to me on my phone yesterday.
It was stuck on loading and nothing was happening.

it happened to me, but i changed from safari (the one where i could click on links and it would work) to google (now i can’t) on my phone. did you change browsers?

Someone wanna paste a link so we can try it out? Thanks!

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You can take your time and read it too :smiley:

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I’m using google mobile browser, it’s better than others. I believe we’re not braking the rules by naming browsers, are we Jeremy?

I also love to write my stories on safari mobile browser, but isn’t possible anymore, after the last Portal update (cookies) :tired_face:

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I tapped on it and it took me to this page

I tapped on the second option and it took me to the story in the app

Do I win? :laughing:

It’s not opening to me :frowning:

yeah u win Mr. Jeremy!

Hm…what browser are u using?

on yr mobile

Google. Others are too disappointing :see_no_evil:

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ill try on my phone, and if doesn’t show then that means its probably a bug.

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Best to submit tickets regarding this so the support team is made aware :slight_smile:

What browser do you use?

yeah, this is what happens to me, and i recently switched to google. maybe it’s just what happens with this browser? i’m not sure, and i don’t want to get safari again.

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It works on mines, just send a ticket like @Jeremy said.

Chrome is always a good one to use.

do you use google also, or chrome?

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