Stories not showing complete once read

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I finished a story, but it’s not showing as read or complete. Normally if I finish a story it would show the bar as full and a green check :heavy_check_mark: would appear, however, when I finished reading ‘Infamous’ there was no check mark and the bar at the bottom is kind of ,‘greyed out’? Apperently there was also supposed to be one last question that would determine how ‘Infamous 2’ would start, but there was no question at the end, just some information telling me that the story had ended and that’s it, no matter how many time I tap, it just keeps going to the next message, until I eventually give up and go out of it. Please someone help me.

Its not a glitch or anything.
The author hasn’t made the story show up as fully released
Pitch perfect is like this when u finish it as well

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It kinda sucks though, because I like my collection to look complete, but maybe I am just too much of a perfectionist haha, but thanks!

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Solved and closed. :smiley: