Stories recommend reading

So I have been doing some R4R and I want to recommend the stories I have read.

@Owlquest Hunt or get hunted

@LiaLopez Rewinded Life

@Lady_Cannella Color my life

@Jurevicha Midnight Memories

These stories are all unique in their own way.
They are worth reading worth your passes.
These girls deserve more reads. Support our, new authors.
This is to promote the stories I have read on R4R. You can recommend stories you have read.
Do not promote your story!
Check this thread to do R4R.

Other stories I recommend
@mila.episodes Remember me Her story is crazy good.

@VivianAlana Natalie Hartman’s Guide to Surviving Seventeen Really good!

@Aneris The darkness’s touch
This story keeps you intense. Really Good.

@Mystery.episode Skai’s Stories

@Bethany1 Alone Till There Was You

@S_Unique The Four Horsemen

@Shanzella Changing For Bad I know @ErinH already recommended this story. But if you have not read it Need to read it’s ridiculously good!

@anon75579664 Forbidden Love It’s her first story. And she has been improving a lot. Check out her story.

@ChaoticDreamz Stand by me This story will make your heart skip a beat, it did to me.

More great stories
@Rosina.V Trouble In Princess Paradise

@shewrites.episode Hidden Behind Lies

@ElleC Dying Love

@Silent_Platinum Stealing His Heart

@Fatima_Alstar23 In a Starry Night

@mikio_writes A Divine Tale

@Nierido Let the demon inside

@Joanna_Banana Better on my Own
(Must read her story) it’s so good.

@SparkySue A Heartbeat Away
New Story worth reading

@Kuen Rose
Another great story to read.

@fluffyrice Loving You Again
She has a great sense a humor
Must read

@MayLaugh Story Twins


I recommend
Changing for Bad by Shanzella @Shanzella
Life is Beautiful by Metalicious @Metalicious
Black Betty by Jess Fox @jessfox13
The Genuine Fake by mysoxlike2party @mysoxlike2party


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I think it’s nice to promote other authors who have worked hard in their story. Than promoting our own. We need to support our new authors.


Here are some good stories that I recommend from various genres:





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I don’t know if anyone has suggested this story but ace of hearts by @SarcasticGenie is a must read. There are lots of plot twists and the Author is currently working on twenty plus different endings!!!
Also there is a discussion thread about the theories for the story. If you read the story definitely check it out and vote in the poll.
But either way it is a must read, good coding, good script and story an lots of plot development. By far one of the best stories on episode let alone in the mystery category. I can see it becoming a featured story one day.


Stories I recommend:
Infamous Topdogs by Alexandria
Fantastical: That old wicked genie magic by @MidnightMaiden
Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W
Music in our hearts by @Mary-P
Gemstone series by @Gina123
@Metalicious is also an awesome author : ) Thanks @Metalicious for recommending my story-when I saw that, it made my day and it meant a lot to me : ) Much love :revolving_hearts:
All of you guys are super awesome, wonderful writers with fantastic stories and don’t ever give up on your dreams! :wink::sparkling_heart:


Oh my gosh, thank you so much; I already promoted your story on here. It is a great read and high school mystery; perfect for any Mystery lover!

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Yass Maria!! I love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you for recommending my story :slight_smile:

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crossed paths by @Days and the choice:twisted by @thechoicetwisted are amazing storys as well.:wink: