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Guys, it’s cool that you want others to read your story, but please read what the thread says first:


I’d like to recommend I Will Always Find You by @Maria.StoryWritter wink, wink :smile_cat: :wink:

Seriously, it’s a super spooky cool & comedic read & needs way more readers! :sparkling_heart:

Flashback Friday by @Daisy_W & College Days: Psychology 101 by @Annieways are also amazing stories that deserve so many reads & are very interesting :kissing_cat: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you so much @JemU776 :kissing_heart:

I would like to recommend some hidden gems that haven’t been mentioned yet in the thread:

  • One of the Girls by Amberose
  • You, Me and The Beat by Anna
  • Reputation by Venus
  • Silhouettes by aprilish
  • Nature’s Caprices by Moni M.
  • H & V: From Zero to Hero by Dr. Smile
  • Villainous Heroes by Lyra Keiken
  • Fantastical: Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
  • Fantastical: Black Shadow by Alex Af
  • Have You Seen Monday? by Ruby L. Lee
  • Angel On Vacation by B612 Resident
  • Fantastical: Ticket to Paradise by Love S.

Thank you. And I must recommend yours. I love your story. Supernatural Desire by @JemU776. This is a must-read. :sunglasses:

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Thank you, that means a lot to me, bless you <3

Seriously, I love you, you’re such an awesome, supportive friend & like family to me, never stop being amazing xoxo


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I also have a new story recommend…but all I have read at above so I give a new one.

1- Unexpected friend by keit
2-Broken by @evieepisode
3- Though your eyes by @sarahjoneswhite (You are such a supportive,… I love you)
4- Thriller: Tribe of Malapinchi by @JannahJackson (3 style in one story; I love it)
5- OBSCURITY: A MOB TALE by @Brianaaa1 (In first chapter already hook me ^^. I love the idea. and she friendly too…I love you too)
6- Scar by @inxmyxeyes
7- Reign of the fallen by @T.Sofia
8- SAHARA by @Tirquaz ( I love her drawing)
9-Supernatural Reality by brookelynn


Oh I forgot @Mia.Cee story Friend and Love, I been waiting for her new update…

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Thank you so much again! :heavy_heart_exclamation::kissing_heart:

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Thanks hun you always look out for me! :kissing_heart::two_hearts::rose:

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:sunglasses:. Please do not promote your stories. Recommend other authors.

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Recommend good stories you have read. No self-promoting. :grin:

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Hey lovelies, I really recommend you read these! They’re deff worth the passes and if your looking for something new to get into, this are the ones I would pick! :black_heart::black_heart:

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I recommend the story love wild flower child for @ScriptWrites

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I would reccomend:
How about Love? By @QueenM (

  • Summary: After a rough childhood, you put up a shield to protect yourself from dissapointment and heartbreak. What happens when your whole world is about to change?
  • Story involves a female MC and 2 love interests, a good guy and a bad boy. But this is not a standard (cliche story) quiet, shy girl meets a bad boy and falls in love type of a story :smiley:

Your Eyes by @IvyRose (

  • Summary: Just a small town girl with a hard past that lives with her two best friends.
    What happens when you meet a guy that will make you relive your past ?

Dark Attractions by @SookieEpisode (

  • Summary: After the death of your best friend, you start over in a new country. Can you resist old temptations? Or will you fall for dark attractions…
    CONTAINS Partying, sex and drama!



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Attention @QueenM, the thread says:

Unfortunately, you are breaking this rule by recommending your own story :sweat_smile:

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