Stories restarting someone pls help



Hey guys just yesterday I opened the app yesterday and all my stories had been restarted, I then deleted the app to see if I can fix the problem but it didn’t. So I decided to re-read a story to see if that all I had to do but once I re-read a story and I leave the app it restarts again. Idk what to do someone help pls !!


Try sending a suppport ticket :hugs:


You can send a support ticket through here:


Ok. Thank you guys. :slight_smile:


Same thing happened to me two months ago and nothing has been done to fix it! I’ve written them countless times and send tickets and my support id! I’ve written them in Facebook and Instagram and no one is reaching out to help me! I’ve had to re read multiple stories and I’m so upset that no one is trying to help. I also had over 350 passes and I was left with 90. I also had 9 days left on my unlimited passes which I purchase every month and those were taken as well. I’ve been waiting patiently for 2 months and I’m running out of patience.


i have the same problem too and i just got it like almost 2 weeks ago and girl i dont know how your holding up this long with patience but i feel for you girl i feel you


What did you do to get it back?


Wait I’m confused what do you mean?


Did you fix the problem with your episode Stories?


I have the same problem but the biggest thing is that every story I try to read when I close the app don’t save any progress


Have you done anything to fix it? I’ve contacted their support team numerous times and they havent reply to me in a week now.


I sent message in episode app creator, opened a ticket and write in episode Instagram page and nothing, I received only a first answer but they asked me what happened before having this problem… this is getting annoying, I pay the unlimited passes for a year to not have any problems and now I can’t read any story… they don’t do anything to help…


So glad to know that I am not the only one. I just purchased gems to finish Pretty Little Liars and can’t access the 10th episode of 15😫 getting an error message. Then if I try to read a new story no progress is saved and I have to start over and over. I have deleted the app and reloaded with no help


I have started having this problem now as well and mine is even worse because I am not getting passes my passes won’t even regenerate so I have to leave the app open for four hours to even get passes because I refuse to purchase anymore and even when I do that and I get the passes and I read my story as soon as I leave the app and go back it has reset as if I never read it so all my progress is lost and I too have tried reaching out and was called out by the app support on the forums for being too aggressive and sending too many tickets. :laughing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: so I gave it 48 more hours and was patient only to find the problem has gotten worse the progress on every story is lost some of them have totally restarted as if I never read it at all and I cannot earn any passes plus when I purchased passes now they disappear and the app restarts and my iTunes account is showing that no money was deducted so basically the app does not even want to sell me passes. #FeelingLikeThisAppSucks lol


Someone named Lauren finally wrote back to me. After almost 2 and a half months! I deleted and reinstalled the app like she said and nothing has changed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I wrote her again. This is getting ridiculous!! Let’s hope this time they get it right.


After updating the app it seems like the stories are being restarted, and I have sent them a ticket regarding the issue. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it doesn’t seem to solve the issue with the stories.


Here is your answer. They can’t fix it. E dry one who has loads of read stories and spent money have to start from scratch. IT team gets paid the big bucks to sit in their ass not brain surgery to configure server to save more or have an option to completely de
Eye read stories from accounts in order to free up space. I’m going on week 3 waiting they restored my game Ipit lasted less than 24 hours and attached is their excuse instead of a solution. Consumer Fraud