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I’m bored so why don’t I review your stories and give feedbacks!
This is not R4R

Send your stories details below AND TAG ME @Silver_Shadow so I won’t miss it. Also sending the link would be helpful. I can read maximum 3 chapters per story. it’s a lot
Note that I have school and life so I may not bline or able to review your story anytime of the day.
English isn’t my first language so my feedback will mostly focus on your plot/storyline.
Also I don’t have unlimited passes so you may have to wait for a while.

Waiting list-

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Hey you! i would love an review :grin: how many chapters do you review? @Silver_Shadow

Name: hunt or get hunted
Genre: adventure
Chapters: 8 more is coming

I can do maximum 5 chapter per story. I’ll start reading in the moring. :grin:

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I would love a review. @Silver_Shadow

Name: Oblivious
Genre: Romance but mostly comedy
Chapters: 5 Published

Sure I’ll start reading in the morning. it’s midnight here

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Hey @Silver_Shadow!
Here are the details to my story, I hope you enjoy it!
Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Description: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?
Episodes: 16 published (more coming soon)
Instagram: dreamer.episode

Please take you time, real life comes first!

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My story: Thriller: Tribe of Malapinchi
Author: Jannah Jackson
Genre: Thriller
Story style: Surprise
Description: Toss into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets. Can you make sense of the havoc you were tossed into and save everyone before it’s too late? CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 5
Instagram: @jannahjackson


I’ll add you to the waiting list and start reading tomorrow tomorrow for me

I’ve added you to the waiting list as well and will start reading tomorrow.

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Thank you :grin:

Hey, @Silver_Shadow, I would love a review.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.

Author: S_Unique

Title: The Four Horsemen

Genre: Fantasy

Style: Ink

Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter



I would love to!

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Comedy (If that makes sense)
Title: Save Me, Hero!
Author: Turtle Cat!
Plot/Summary: After powerless Hero moves from a town where everyone has superpowers, she gets kidnapped by a group of fugitives who are forcing her to join them. What will she do?
Style: Ink
I published this a few days ago, so it only has 3 episodes


@Silver_Shadow Hi! I would like to get a review from you :slight_smile:
Title: Teacher or Queen?
Author: Mystique
Chapters: 12
Genre: drama
Description: After years of searching she had finally found them. Can she get close to them?
Her destiny is about to change forever. What will she choose - who will she become?

Hello, @Silver_Shadow,

I would love a review from you please!

Crossed Paths by Dreamer (5 chapters being read would be ideal, thank you!)

Hey there :hibiscus: @Silver_Shadow :hibiscus:
I would love to hear your thoughts :cherry_blossom::butterfly:

My details:
My Story:
Author: May Laugh
Title: Trouble Twins
Instagram: maylaugh_episode
Genre: Rom/Com
Style: Ink
Danger. Passion. Love.
Always standing up for each other, going through thick and thin. That is what these twins are all about. But can they really master every chaos together?



Hey @Silver_Shadow

I am writing my first story, I have three episodes so far that still need a bit of work.

Can you please review episode one for me? Give me your thoughts and first impressions. I don’t have a title as yet (work-in-progress) :slight_smile:

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Title: ?
Genre: Mystery, Romance , Drama
Chapter: Episode 1
Author: Chantal

I’ve read your story a long time ago and I love it. Your characters are really funny and the plot is great. You left cliffhanger so that readers will want to continue reading.


Name: College days:- The seat Next to me
Genre: Romance
Chapters: Published
College Days : The seat next to me (Ep3) - Limelight

Tittle: Search for love
Author : S.writes
Genre: Drama
Episodes :18 ( more coming soon)
Style: Ink
Description: Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation.Can you find the love you’re looking for trying to escape?
Link :

Thank you @Silver_Shadow

Hey, I’d like to hear your opinion. My story:
Title: Lost & Found
Author: Pat Vertinski
Genre: Drama
Description: When you don’t understand even yourself, life seems messed up. Injustice, anger, offense, you look like the main victim. But what if… YOU are the one to blame?
There are 6 chapters, I’ve just published it yesterday.