Stories, RFR :)

does anyone want to do a Read for Read?


Yes I’m interested

Pm me

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Hi, I’d be interested in doing a r4r, too!

pm me

I’d love to do one with you!

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I’m interested in doing a R4R!

Hi!!! Thanks for all for reading my original post!!! I’ve since updated my book! Check it out! <3

I am interested in reading your or anyone’s story! :latin_cross:

Can you RXR me? Let me know! My story is faith-based and entails Christianity elements. (THERES NO CURSING, DIRTY TALK, MALICE, AND ETC)

Name: Fake Christian
Genre: Drama
Author: MadeNew
Description: Jesus didn’t die for you to be ashamed of him. So why hide? Watch as you explore a life of a mediocre Christian transform into a confident daughter of God.
Style: Limelight
Insta: it_madenew


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Hi! Thank you for making this thread. I would love to do a R4R with you if you are interested.

I just published a new story! I would appreciate it if you gave it a chance and share it please! Feedback is welcomed!

Title: Vanquished Love

Description: Brooke shares an exciting and romantic night with the man she has always loved. The next morning, he is gone. Five years later, he returns. What happened?

Style: LL

Genre: Romance

Status: 3 Chapters Published, Ongoing

My insta: @safi.episode

Link: Episode Writer Portal