Stories set in New York

Do you guys know any good stories that are set in New York? It’s my favorite city with the best settings there are. Thanks to everyone who gives feedback💕

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To the night by Megan B. It’s a comedy. Ink is out. limelight is coming.

My story Blackbird is set in NY, though it doesn’t ultimately impact the plot. :grimacing:

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Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee! It’s a rom-com and one of my favorite stories I have recently read! Really funny as well, never laughed so hard before reading an episode story. :rofl: :two_hearts:


Do you have any other recommendations (not set in New York?) Id love to find new stories to read :slight_smile:

I have a bunch! Any genres you prefer or it doesn’t matter? :blush:

I love everything :slight_smile:

Alright! ^^ Here are some then:

  • ‘Magicka: The Ten’ by Tal Gordin (complete, 4 episodes) = Multiple endings, shows magic in a nice and unique way, a broad choice of customing the MC and just a fun quick read!
  • ‘Magicka: Clubhouse of the Cursed’ by Spiegel (ongoing, 4 episodes) = A story where you and your choices really have affect on the story (tip; pay great attention to the names of characters!), interesting cast of characters and inspired by fairy tales.
  • ‘Quarantined’ by Shahar (complete, 3 episodes) = Another quick funny read that is related to the current world situation but in a comedic and respectful way! And you can customise the mc if you like that.
  • ‘even sweeter’ by Toriah (ongoing, 5 episodes) = A great murder mystery where you play as the private detective who’s investigating the case. There’s even an evidence board where you keep track of what you find!
  • ‘Rift’ by Natalie Sky (ongoing, 4 episodes) = If you want to see amazing mindblowing directing, this is the story for you. It has great cinematic scenes and an interesting start!
  • ‘Mother’s day: Dreamland’ by Mette M. Peleikis (complete, 5 episodes) = It’s been a while since I read this one but I can remember crying at the end. An emotional but beautiful story.
  • ‘Game Life’ by Kayla S. (complete, 9 episodes) = Still one of my favorite stories I have ever read on episode. A great mix of action, adventure and comedy!
  • ‘The Clockwork Hearts’ by Khrema (ongoing, 5 episodes) = Takes place in a steampunk world with two fun main characters (and one sidekick mouse). If you want to read a great fantasy adventure, this is perfect!
  • ‘Guide Me Home’ by Charlie Cee (ongoing, 3 episodes) = A coming-of-age story that has a nice vibe as if you’re traveling with the MC but mixed with some serious themes.

I think this is enough for now. :joy: :sweat_smile: Hope you will like these and enjoy them! :sparkles:

One of my stories is set in New York, feel free to give it a try; it would mean a lot :blue_heart:


i need help finding a story i accidentally lost my old account. the story is about a girl who finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her bestfriend and she spontaneously moves to new york. while she’s there she bumps into a guy who gives her a tour i think? they end up falling in love. when the love interest picking out the ring to propose with his sister a robber comes in and shoots his sister. i cannot remember the name and it is driving me crazy

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Have you found this story!!!