Stories that feature social critisism


Hi there,
I thought we could gather some stories about social critisism, as this is quite a topic among episode and some of the stories are pretty nice. I liked equality a lot and I think reputation deals with it as well.


Ahhh I love this idea and it’s good to know that people care about it!! This is not the main theme of my story but I’m definitely trying to put it in there because it’s something that I think about a lot in my own life.

What kind of social criticism were you thinking of? And like… what kind of stories?


I was thinking about these kind of dramas where there’s drama because of people not fitting into the society/culture, political dramas, maybe some kind of mystery where crimes are done because of discrimination. After all these stories with people being stars I kind of would wish for some critique about how we are consuming/owning more than we need and about how we deal with celebrities and who we make celebrities. I’m pretty open about, but I guess the topic just really needs the story to have some drama elements.


omg, my story, “No Choice but Murder” has this. lol. feel free to check it out


I do find that kind of thing interesting, and you make a point about celebrity characters in Episode that I hadn’t really thought about.

Mine’s more critiquing an unfair social hierarchy that people refuse to recognise for what it is. In my story there’s “Posh End” and “Gang’s End” - I guess my main characters are kind of those stuck in between for various reasons. Feel free to check that out :woman_shrugging:t4:


Self-expression is one that comes to mind.


Whenever I hear the word criticism, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab being blamed as terrorist OR a Jewish girl being blamed for being “Murderer Of Christ” comes to mind. These serious problems seriously need to get addressed. An innocent person can wear anything they want or preach anything they want. It doesn’t matter what their race, color, gender, caste etc is.

This stuff happens in India too. In many areas (even the urban ones we consider developed), casteism and gender-inequality is prevalent. Boy child is given more priority than girls. Dalit people are still forbidden from entering temples or other public places and participation in various positions (I’m sorry if you’re not from India and this stuff isn’t making any sense to you. Please Google if you want to :blush:).

If Episode would somehow put light on these situations, don’t you think it would help our society for the better? Even if it’s only a little? Drip by drip, little by little, fills the whole bucket.
I wish to see a day where a black/colored man/woman would walk head held high and would be treated heartily by other white or colored people, without any fear of being discriminated or segregated. I wish to see a day where the LGBTQ+ people and others would talk freely and judge other people, not by their orientation, but by the kind of car they drive (Miss Ellen DeGeneres words, not mine!). I mean, seriously! Equality is a human birthright, and we KNOW IT!

P.S. This was a good speech, no? If not the good grades from my English teacher, I hope to see some good, grand changes in the upcoming future.




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