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Sooooo, I have a VERY low attention span ( :sweat_smile::joy:) so I won’t be able to write these stories that I think would be good but I can’ personally write. Feel free to do any of these ideas, and no credit nessicary. (Some of these may be sorta cliche but whatever) If you think you can do something with one of the stories, could you let me know so I can take it off the list so no one else can do it. I will be updating this regularly with more ideas my crazy mind can think of. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And you don’t have to do these ideas exactly and instead do snippets of it, it is really up to you.
-Story Ideas Loads of genres
-Writing prompts - for when you don’t want a whole damn story written for you.
-Story Titles
-Some websites to help with the writing/planning process
-First lines to hook your readers!
-Coming soon Background characters


One Special Night

It is your wedding day, but you know that your husband to be isn’t right for you. He isn’t your soul mate. You ran away after the service with his brother, intent to make a new life for yourself. But then the man you married is found dead and you are the main suspect. You must prove your innocence but will you admit to being with his brother and prove you have an alibi or face the consequences of someone else’s actions.

So plot twist, the brother is the one who killed the man you married.

Nightmares are dreams too

A young person strolling in the park late at night and sees a shooting star and wishes that her dreams will come true. It turns out whatever she dreams, the opposite will come true. She is in a relationship with a jokey, silly, immature young lad names Jack. She dreams that she meets him for the first time again in a dream and that day when she woke up she met a rich, handsome, mature business person who is the exact opposite of Jack, she has a battle of what she wants. You pick who she ends up being with, maybe both :wink:


Your a famous pop star who has an amazing reputation until a video is leaked on a drunken night of you kissing several men. You wake up to your reputation being ruined and a full scale operation to regain your public respect. You, your manager and your agent work together for this. You do develop love for 2 of the men you kiss that night and are therefore have to make a choice between the two whilst gaining your reputation.

Small Spaces

You are drunk one night, sad and alone so decide to sign up for a dating show advertised on tv.
You wake up the next morning to an influx of emails from CBB telling you that an escort will be there to pick you up from your house and will take you to the filming site.
You are taken to a luxury caravan with only one bedroom and in the living room, 7 sexy singles wait for you.
Each night you have to take one of the singles in bed with you, your not allowed out of the caravan, except for dates that are arranged by the producers. Every two days you must eliminate one of the singles, and every 3 days, a new single enters the caravan. You must play risqué games, sexy times and intimate moments. The last person in the villa, you are forced to marry. Will you have a happy ending?


Project super human

A group of advanced young adults have applied for this experiment of going to the moon to see how they cope. The catch is though, the young adults have super abilities, such as very good hearing, amazing flexibility, crazy stamina, multi-lingual people. They all have different abilities. Another thing, the MC’s dad signed the MC up without them knowing because the dad works at the foundation. The people who are sending them up to mars are B.A.N.K (No one knows what it stands for). B.A.N.K is actually evil and is sending them up there to create a new superhuman race. So her father accidentally put her in immediate danger. I don’t know if this makes sense :sweat_smile:


"My boss had given his orders, but I knew what he was asking was illegal. "
You have spent 5 years, working your way up to your dream job, but as soon as you did. Your boss asks you to risk your career, life and family to deliver a package. Your mission: Go to miami, enjoy holiday, go to house, deliver package, leave, finish holiday. Then never speak of this again. Your boss says if you don’t do it, then he will sack you. What do you do?


"He decided to spy on his wife, but what he discovered wasn’t what he was expecting at all. "
A man decided to watch his wife, but he finds out that she is actually involved in the spanish mafia.When he confronts her, she convinces him to join, how will he handle it? Will he stay innocent or become entangled in gang crime?

Mixed Bunch

A group of teens discover a dead body. They are a mixed group of people, not friends, not alike. 6 people who are completely different now need to come to a decision. Some of them want to tell people and get it over with, the others want to keep it a secret. The entire group eventually decide to keep it quiet and bury the body but then they get caught whilst burying the body and all 6 are taken into custody, it shows all of their POV’s of them being interrogated. They being released whilst they check for more evidence at the scene. One of them runs away and the others have to take the fall. One of the mean people in the group is names guilty, with the rest of the group being set free. The cliff hanger at the end is that the shy MC is the one that actually killed the person and you did it t frame the mean person of the group. *I hope this makes sense *

The doll

A mysterious package comes, you must keep it a secret from your smothering family. It’s a doll, one that talks. Your being watched by the dolls eyes. Something sinister is happening, the doll tells you that if you don’t pay then your seven secrets will be revealed (some of which you could go to jail for having). Your being blackmailed by a doll. You try to get the money but fail so the first secret is revealed, you steal money from your family to gamble. You are destroyed, the secrets keep coming as you try to put your life back on track.

Working out

Medieval France. Fourteen-year-old Amée is a servant girl with a genius IQ stuck as a scullery maid in her fief lord’s castle. She leads a lonely life, with plenty of time to think and analyze, though—and this is important—she can’t read. But something strange is happening here. The fief lord keeps bringing new brides home… and within two weeks, those brides disappear. A new one—nearly Amée’s age—has just been brought to the castle, and Amée knows the clock for survival has already begun to tick. She has time to figure this out. Will she before it’s too late?


Wealthy, unmarried Anne Lamont is murdered, and she leaves her entire fortune to a man she met two weeks before, putting suspicion squarely on him. Detective Arnold thinks the man is innocent. He has a week to make his case before this goes before a jury. But when he digs into Anne’s background, he finds the sweet old matron wasn’t at all what she seemed. I reallllyyyyy like this one.


He’s a cop—one of the good ones—and when an undercover bust went bad ten years ago, his wife and small child were killed. He swore he’d never love again. Then his old partner retires, only to be replaced by a wide-eyed, spunky rookie, whose seemingly impossible innocence and joie de vivre remind him life is worth living again. This could only end in disaster…right? Dare he makes the first move?

It wasn't me!

You are framed of a robbery, a robbery of a gentle old woman walking with her shopping, you must prove to the court that the evidence is faulty and you are innocent. If you can not persuade the courts in time, you will most certainly be in jail for the next 8 years. And when you have young children, eight years without them seems like life imprisonment. Your wife says that she will leave you if you are guilty.
Plot twist - the wife actually set you up because she met a man who she had been having an affair with and she wanted to marry him instead of you.

Working for change

You travel to a country that is foreign to yourself and are kidnapped by a gang that is making a show, protesting their cause for a democratic country. The government is trying to find you to put a stop to their madness. You are not hurt by your kidnappers and they are actually really nice and say they will not hurt you.


Your mum gives you £200 and tells you to run, go as far as you can and don’t let him find you. You must avoid him and stop him from tracking you down, be careful. Only him your running away from is your biological dad, a man trying to take you and stop you from seeing your mum. He wants you to be his only. He is dangerous, tech-savvy, well connected and ruthless.



His picture is a jock, the best looking person you will ever lay eyes on. But his reality, a hollowness, one that can only be filled by a parents love. Something he doesnt have. The story of a foster child taken away from his parents at the age of 4, for neglect. He’s been in the care system ever since. Its his 18th birthday today, how will he navigate a world that abandoned him?


Your whole life, youve been that girl that nobody takes a second glance at. Your not ugly, but not pretty.
Just the middle ground. You go to a moddeling audition as moral suppourt for a friend, and they choose you even though you didnt audition. Your life instantly changes, you are suddenly on the front of every magazine. 5 years later, your on the street, homeless and alone. You lost everything through greed and vanity. Will you forget the past and move on, or continue trying to be someone your not.

My Family Tree

Your teacher always looks out for you and your her pet. Your in her class when your asked to draw your family tree and include every relative you know. The teacher then says that they will all be shown to the class so get going. You sit there, a pen in hand and the paper on the desk. Your family tree remains empty the entire lesson and at the end of the class when your teacher picks yours to be shown in front of the class. Now everybody knows you are an orphan and don’t know your parents. You go on an adventure to find your family, track down your parents and find some sort of relatives. She visits some of the care homes she lived in and relives some of the memories, some good and some painfully bad. Eventually she finds out that her teacher is her mum and kept it from her after the teacher had it give it up.


Your a daredevil, always have been. You are always the one who jumps first, no matter what the situation is. Your the one who bunjee jumps, rock climbs, dives with sharks, free falls and gets out of it unscathed. But this one time, your not so lucky. Your doing a speed course with a stig, they are driving and you are mearly a passenger. It’s sloppy, grip runs out and the tires lock up and you go full pelt into the wheel barriers. Everything goes black.
Now your paralysed, for the waist down, your now in a wheel chair and your whole life has changed, your no longer Emily the daredevil, your now Emily in the wheel chair. Everything is different and you must try to get used to this new life.
(I know I put the MC’s name as Emily but it could be anything and the MC can be anything)

Dreams can be a reality

You’ve been obsessed with formula 1 since you were little, you dreamed of being a driver. As time went on you realised it wouldn’t happen and decided to focus on the more realistic things. That is until one day you meet your formula 1 idol, Charles Lechair of Ferrari. He brings you into the world of f1 and one day when the test driver is ill, the put you in the car. Time to prove yourself. You do really well and your invited to be the full time test driver. Next year when Charles lechair’s teammate Sebastian Vettbot goes to a new team, there is a spot open and it’s yours, you just have to prove yourself over one season. You must help Charles win the constructors for Ferrari and you must come in the top 8 for the drivers championship to keep your seat.
(Intended to have make MC and for someone who follows F1, if you don’t follow f1 don’t worry you will just have some research to do)



You are forced to tutour the school bad boy. He’s closed and doesnt give a fuck about anything or anyone. You have a look through his work book one day, you see many similarities between his work and your 9 year old brother who has dyslexia. You gently work with him about this and help him accept it and you prove to him that he can be smart even with dyslexia. You bring him out of his shell and that the whole world isnt against him.
So in this story, i imagined quite a few flashbacks from his POV of teacher being unfair to him, kids bullying him in primary for still being on the level 1 reading books. If you need any ideas of flashbacks to include, PM me because I have dyslexia so I can assist with things to add if you need help. Also with ways that dyslexia could present itself throught the story, not only when dyslexia is mentioned. I kinda saw this one as a shorter story and it ending to be him opening his final exam results and him having passed with flying colours and then him kissing her.

The academy for the gifted

Two best friends (who are secret agents) are assigned to a case in which they must go to a posh private school and in this school, there are houses. The houses are Dolphins and Jaguars. The dolphins excel in cognitive thinking and academic work whilst the jaguars prefer physical and practical activities such as PE, Drama and art. Whilst on the mission, they must work together whist being in different houses to stop the sale of drugs on school premises by a dodgy group of teachers. They both dabble in love life and the common drama of the school. INTENDED TO HAVE THE VIEWPOINTS OF BOTH THE AGENTS.

Swapping Places

Your are terminally ill and your twin, critically ill but your twin is expected to live a long life. Except when you get amazing news that tells you that you will be able to live for many years over the expected death date of me and my brother was greeted with grave news, the news that his dialysis was wrong and his expiry date was sooner than originally thought. So now, you and your twin’s life has been swapped, you have to be the well one and your brother has to be the damsel in distress.


Romance prompts
  1. A character with an addiction discovers that they’re someone else’s addiction.
  2. A knight who spends five years trying to break a spell cast on him by a witch, only to slowly fall in love with her.
  3. A character who has to fall in love with someone from an enemy clan in order to lift a curse.
  4. Two people who fall in love but come from planets where time runs very differently.
  5. A character whose lover breaks up with them and then secretly follows them for a decade.
  6. What does Romeo and Juliet get up to in the afterlife?
  7. Two lovers who are separated by a bridge that can’t be maintained much longer.
  8. A decorator who becomes increasingly convinced that the owner of the house they’re working on is trying to cover up a murder, even as they fall in love with them.
Mystery Prompts
  1. A character whose job is to create treasure hunts, but who finds themselves on someone else’s treasure hunt, and ends up discovering an old coffin.
  2. A character who discovers a strange calendar that appears to prophesy important events in their life.
  3. A character who gets trapped in their memory palace and has to find a way out in order to save someone else.
  4. A knitter who unravels a ball of yarn only to find it stained with blood, and helps the police investigate a possible murder.
  5. A character who discovers a secret message on a bottle of shampoo while showering, and is driven by curiosity to investigate it.
  6. A character who finds a baby abandoned in a bus shelter and embarks on a road trip with a wet nurse to try to find its parents.
Other Prompts
  1. A peace treaty that’s signed on board a dirigible over no-man’s-land, and the people who fought for it.
  2. A wealthy character who goes on a day trip with a poor, homeless person, and switches places with them without realising.
  3. A character who works on a telephone helpline develops a relationship with one of the callers and arranges to meet them only to be stood up.
  4. A doctor investigating a rare disease that they specialise in discovers that it’s artificially engineered, just as they begin to show symptoms themselves.
  5. A character whose job is to clean up people’s imaginations.
  6. A character whose commute lasts a lightyear.
  7. A character whose fear of missing out drives them to establish a surveillance network.
  8. A character who has a fascination with all kinds of forgery, and how this interest will eventually lead to their death.
  9. A film star who is actually two film stars.
  10. A society that encourages and rewards mistakes and failure over success.
  11. A writer who’s trying to give up their writing addiction.
  12. A character who’s seeking justice for a murder they committed but can’t prove.
  13. A character who’s trying to win back their partner who ran away with their best friend.
  14. A spirit animal’s quest to choose their human.
  15. A mythical drug that’s at the root of someone’s family tree.
  16. A fountain pen collector who’s found murdered, and the murder weapon is a fountain pen that was rumoured to have belonged to a famous historical figure.
  17. A wedding planner who bears a secret grudge against happily married (or engaged) couples.

These are some title ideas for you to use in any of your stories

  1. 99 Reasons To Go, But 1 To Stay
  2. Running Through Closed Windows
  3. Miraculously Escaping Cuts
  4. Pieces of Glass All Over
  5. Shoes Crunching on Bits of Broken Glass
  6. Desperate Race to Get to The Shops
  7. It Was All I Could Think Of
  8. Then I Could Not Find My Car Keys
  9. They Were Lying Next to The Broken Glass Window
  10. Love Me To The End
  11. She Changed Me
  12. Turn The Lights Off
  13. Angel’s Can’t Die
  14. Guilty Mind
  15. Fill Me With Poison
  16. Unchain My Heart
  17. If Today Was Your Last Day
  18. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?
  19. Silent Screams
  20. Do They Know?
    21)Meeting in the dark
    22)I never trusted you
    23)Walking my nightmares
    24)Rejecting history
    25)Ending the end
    26)The binding
    27)Blinded by him
Engaging First Lines

1)suddenly, icy fingers grabbed my arm as i inched
cautiously through the darkness.
2)I opened my eyes and had no idea where I was…
3)I suddenly found out that I was heir to a throne…
4) Today she would find out if her entire life was a lie.
5)Shaking, I grabbed his hand and said my goodbyes.
6) I turned on the 10:00 pm news only to see one of
the biggest secrets of my life playing out before
my eyes
7) There are only 5 of us left - the only five left in the world.
8) We were supposed to meet each other on the Bay Bridge at midnight, but he never showed up.
9) She’d thought about this moment, imagined it, for years, but she’d never expected what happened…
10)The cab driver suddenly turned left instead of right and I had no idea where he was taking me.
11) Can you keep a secret?
12) The waitress walked over and whispered in my ear, “You have to leave because your life is in danger”.
13) There was a time years ago when I was happy, but those days were over.
14)From the moment he walked into the casino, Lady Luck was on his side.
15)The twins had a secret and they knew that no one could ever find out about it.
16) The note said to go to hotel room #33 and I was hesitant to knock on the door.
17)Every Tuesday at 3 pm, flowers were delivered to my house.

Best Websites To Help You Write

Planning help
Character development help
14 Tips for Building Character - Nieman Storyboard
Story tips
How to Write a Story: The 10 Best Secrets

These ideas below are by the wonderful @Anna_Marie

Anna_Marie's ideas
  1. MC works as a secretary for a CEO of a semi-well-known company. The only problem is that she is hopelessly in love with her boss, but he doesn’t know this. Therefore this is very unrequited. He, himself, is a serial romantic and always has a new fling, whether guy or girl. MC is determined to make him fall in love with her. As the story progresses, her boss starts to develop feelings for her, but what good will come out of this?
  2. He’s the perfect man. He’s everything you want. But he’s not who you think he is. He’s hiding something, and he will do anything to prevent anyone finding out.
    Basically MC finally met her dream man. He’s perfect and everything she could wish for. But there is more than meets the eye. A murder is all over the news, and he’s the murderer. But you don’t know, until you piece the puzzle together. You confront him, but he of course manipulates you. Now what he does and if you tell the police is up for to decide.

Enjoy writing and if there is anything you think i need to add to this, please let me know so I can add it.
If you have any story ideas that you think the community would benefit by knowing and you are happy to let people use, then please add it onto here!
Stay safe!!!
And btw if this is in the wrong section please let me know :sweat_smile:
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Okay, so for both of the stories can you just explain like two sentences what they are about.
This story is about a girl who goes to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Her boyfriend must work to get her out of jail.


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