Stories that let you choose your name vs stories that don't (POLL) PLEASE CHOOSE

Helloo, I’m putting this poll in place just so I can have an idea of whether or not I should add the option of letting readers choose the MC’s name or not. So, if you could please vote this would be greatly appreciated, thank you! :smiling_face: :blob_hearts:

  • Stories that ALLOW readers to choose MC’s name
  • Stories that DON’T ALLOW readers to choose MC’s name

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I’m aware this is more of a preference thing but I’m just a little confused as to what to do really.


As a reader I like to know how you author sees the MC or the LI. So, for me it doesn’t matter if you allow me to choose a name or not. As long as I love to read your story and like your storyline everything is fine for me. :wink:


If it’s more of a self-insert story with CC, then yeah, I’d like to have the capability to change the name, but if the author hasn’t added CC (or has) and would rather keep the MC’s name as what they envisioned – then I’d prefer not changing the name as well.


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