Stories that no longer available

Hii, guys. I am Shikha. I wanted to know which stories are no longer available in episode.

I have no idea

Does your app show that this story is no longer available?
One of them is bad boy’s girl. I am not sure yet.

yes it does that for me

Ohh okk, thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

Portia Gets Pregnant/Portia Got Pregnant/Bad Bad Baby or whatever it’s called got removed.

I’m seeing a few as well. Kinda weird this happened all of a sudden. Here’s the stories that are gone:

Mean Girls Trilogy
Dolan Twins
Cameron Dallas
Pitch Perfect
Hayes Griar

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OMG WHAT why tf are these gone? They were literally my favorite stories, and tbh, Episode was at it’s peak when these came out

I’m not sure, but it might have something to do with contracts/legal requirements.

I had that feeling. But I thought they did like collaborations or something. Wow.
I genuinely hope they don’t take off PLL, seeing as they probably didn’t get permission to do those either.

There are some episode stories from Romance genre that are also not available.

Episode officially stories: ‘WhOoPs i’M PrEgNanT’
‘Mean girls’, n sum others… (glad PPL is still in existence thooo)

& then there r loadsss of community stories that have been removed… sum popular ones: ‘my psycho’, ‘pregnant by a killer’ etc…

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Wow dude. I literally loved those stories. Now all they have are stories with gem choices every 3 minutes. They really expect you to have 100,000,000 gems or something. Smfh