Stories that you couldn’t end



Is there any story that you didn’t want to complete because it was too good. And when you did you missed all the characters and their personalities. If there is, say the name. :heart:️:heart:️


Forced Vampire by Hanieh
Damaged Goods by Aks6622

I’m still so sad that I finished them :sweat:


Damaged goods is great. I feel bad for ending it too. :frowning:


…Chain Reaction…It’s only 4 letters…The teacher…PREGNANT BY A KILLEr…and many more.
I didn’t wanted to finish them because some of them were updating through years…and it remainds me of when I was reading them and all memories I had…:cry:


I am waiting for Pregnant by a killer to update. It’s been a long time. Btw Chain Reaction series are fantastic especially the first one, Trey and Callie. :heart_eyes:


I know btw I forgot to say that the Pregnant by A killer is not over lmao but I’ll be sad when it is LOL


Who’s your favorite from the love interests in Pregnant by a killer?


Tbh no one


The liam is straight up Pshyco


The other brother is Idk not there for me


And the other guy Idk his name he is juts… Yeahhh


Loool I’m watching it just to see what will happen to the MC


I honestly just want MC to have her baby leave the gang and everyone go back to her family and find some normal guy


He really is. I don’t understand him at all. Sometimes he is “okay” and then he changes.


Yes like he needs real help Lol


Exactly! It is so messed up. She deserves to have a normal life.


Yes she does and then Idk what the author will do Lol


Liam’s little brother… I don’t like him! He is so childish.


Yesss I know I don’t like him eather


I think the author is going to introduce us another love interest who is going to help the MC. I hope so…