Stories that you think are overrated

So my fellow Episode fans, tell me what stories do you think are overrated? For me, I think anything that involves rebounds, step-brothers, pregnancy are overrated. I feel like most of the episode stories are always about relationships and I feel like there needs to be more about horror, action, comedy, thriller and mystery.

What are your thoughts?


Basically all the stories on the trending section with the same cliché plots being re-used again and again and again. It also doesn’t help when the Episode team keeps pumping out same said stories.

Agreed, the romance genre itself is overrated on Episode. Needs more diversity.


I have a few specific stories in mind but I’m not going to mention them by name.
I basically think every story involving a sexy, mysterious bad boy are overrated.


I don’t wanna drop names, so I’ll just say that most stories in romance section that are in top 30 are overrated.


Stories or types of stories?

For specific stories, it has to be Deepest Desire. It was trending for so long with bad grammar and poor pacing… but people had a problem the last time I commented on that. I don’t mind naming stories because how else are people going to know their story could use a little work? I mean, clearly there is a lot of appeal to it. It just needs to be paced better etc.

For types of stories, it has to be the bad boy trope. There’s nothing romantic about emotional abuse


Chain Reaction


@viviwrites Glad I ain’t alone on this. It’s so boring to see the same genres trending all the damn time. Especially when they glamourise something that is disgusting like emotional abuse. It’s getting awfully repetitive with all the sexual things in it like there’s more to life than sex.


@ShanniiWrites I meant both. I’ve noticed that some of the stories have such poor grammar that I can’t really take the story seriously. I came across one story and the plot was awfully out of place like it sounded like it was written by a 9 year old.

OMG I know right. I don’t get why emotional abuse has been romanticised. Just as bad as the 50 Shades franchise!


@Miss_Julie Tell me about it. It’s just getting boring seeing the same stuff over and over again.

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100% support.

And I think that if you publish your story publicly, then everyone has a right to comment on it, mentioning the specific name.


Thank you!! People were trying to claim it’s not okay to comment on a work if it’s not featured.

A writer is a writer and the best community story is 100000 times better than the best featured story


Well, there are very good featured stories. But ratio is quite disappointing. I was once browsing through featured, and testing each story… Out of 100 I continued to read maybe 3.

And I know, everyone is different, in terms of taste etc.
But the main problem I find with these all romance stories - cliche to the bone plot, exaggerated and unrealistic dialogues, flat characters and often lazy directing.


My thoughts exactly. All the romance stories are too generic like you get the MC falling for the bad guy, she has other guys after her and somehow she got pregnant and we have to figure out who is the dad and so on.


I find that community writers can really put so much time and energy into their story. They make them unique and shine… when they know what they’re doing!


Exactly! They have definitely made really good stories and they deserve to be appreciated.

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And with appreciation comes criticism. If you’re okay with one, you should be okay with the other! No one should post a story and expect or demand just praise

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True that. Gives them the idea that they should continue writing stories or do a bit of revamping.

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Exactly. I’m actually curious how do these stories get to the featured ones. Like how… Is it the title, or easy-to-chew plot… Maybe they are just written for horny and shallow teenagers, like “50 shades”… When you can be just a pretty girl with an IQ of a pineapple and you’ll get your hot billioner because “you are different”…
I can appreciate a good writing work, I know how it is, just finished 3 episodes of my stories which were in production for like 6-7 weeks… But good quality content is as rare as a 16yo virgin.


Lately, episode has just been finding stories on Wattpad and licensing them


Episode’s stories is a big separate topic fir discussion… There’s so much what is wrong