Stories that you think are overrated


What’s that mean? My story was inspired by that story!


@celestiial.missy Oh man these idiots remind me of the time I used to use Twitter and they brag about how they’re better than the other person who is a fan of the band just because they have seen them live multiple times and act like they know the band personally.


Directing is that not great


There’s a difference between ‘bashing’ and criticising. I agree with you though.


I think bashing is critique without telling reasons for your low evaluation.
I don’t mind someone telling that my story either “not good” or “piece of shit” if he/she explains why does he/she thinks like that.


Agreed with you! I love Fallen/Lee’s stories too! Especially Galileo School of Magic, Fallen is a really talented author (I know they’re the same person and Lee is her author identity but I still refer to her as Fallen though, haha).


Back at it again but something popped in my head - how some characters are not assertive or perpetuate stereotypes - some people be like “oH tHaT iS sO rELaTaBlE” um bye and pack yo bags.


I got the oppisite too many characters are “assertive/agressive” i find “passive” characters more relatable


Ah I see - I feel like people can be quietly strong and you see some characters who do not know how to say no :frowning:


I wosh i can see a MC who is quietly strong not loud in ur face strong


Me too - like someone can stand their ground without being so aggressive smh


I was thinking the same thing. I’ve noticed some MCs are just over the top when it comes to being strong


okay sorry I know this is an old reply, but I wanted to see where Love Life went because it seemed to be the first episode story that didn’t start off like 50 shades, but as I carried on I noticed that they were taking small pieces of story lines from tv shows and other stories (either that or I’m just reading into things) the most obvious being the episode with the speakeasy (Riverdale) and the characters that looked suspiciously like Riverdale characters




So we are objects you place in your story so people won’t criticize you for not putting poc. Not doing research at all to be respectful. So your story won’t be “bland”. Just because your area doesn’t have poc doesn’t mean you can’t put it in there, all places don’t just have white people.


This is very offensive.




A thread where it’s talked about overrated stories…but people yet again succeed bringing race (when they tell other not to do) and disrespecting others, is the thread closed down? Of course not. :face_with_monocle:


Nope, it’s been here for a good 3 days.


Interesting… I guess this does not consist the off topic flags I get… Do this policy run on certain people…? :thinking: