Stories that you think are overrated


They are awful.


Worse than awful. It wasnt enough that plots are worse and worse with each story, they made it not suitable for proclaimed age… Hypocricy


I could write an essay on the tragedy tht is the trending section


Well Episode makes and writes cliche stories, which isn’t a bad if they spiced it up and added originality to it. I feel like Episode doesn’t add any originality to their stories. Yes, I know stories are supposed to be fiction and fantastical, but we live in 2018 going on 2019 now. Episode needs to write more stories dealing with real world issues that are faced in this world today, and maybe then can add some cliche elements in it. Therefore, stories about pregnancies, popular girls, bad boys, gangs and mafias, etc… are all overrated stories. I didn’t say they were bad stories, I just think that a lot of authors write about those story ideas.


Dude I can too… It’s so unfair and bogus.


I think I heard of that before, is that really true?


which one? I read a really good fantasy story called Deepest Desire and I love it!


I honestly don’t like the kiddie versions of 50 shades like that story Keeping Him Tight


The one that has over 2 million reads :woman_facepalming:t4: People say it’s good, but I think it’s ridiculously overrated. So many unresolved plot points: why introduce an interesting backstory for the Witch if you’re just going to make her a random foil, not even the main villain? And basically say everyone was right and magic made her evil when she tried all along to be good?!

There’s a guy called Chekhov who spoke about not focussing on random small plot details if they’re not gonna be important again. Why spend a whole 5 mins explaining why the witch is evil if she’s never in it again?!

Also, everything interesting happens in the first 5 chapters and then there are another 20 chapters to read… full of unrealistic dialogue and “oh we have problem!” (2 seconds later) “never mind. I solved the problem with my awesomeness”. That’s not how good stories work!


Not mention literally everyone in the story is white and there was literally only six characters in the first chapter


I don’t have a problem with white people but they’re not the only people on Earth


When I made a post about this, someone commented on the fact that the prince brings the MC back to the palace in chapter 1 to see the “palace doctor” when there isn’t one. It’s like the writer didn’t even reread their own story!


Why does race have to anything to do with a story being overrated?


There are just way more diffrent races that arent being portrayed
Dont wanna arguement rn this is just a statement/observation


oh ok. I mean, I was asking Gabriella why she mentioned white people. I’m not starting any drama with you.


To be fair, this story is occasionally hailed as being “diverse” because it’s got CC. All the other characters are white, so its diversity is overrated too!


oh! I get it now. I understand that diversity is mainly included in most recent stories now. Is the story you mentioned recently updated cause maybe that’s why? I agree the diversity is overrated from the way you described though :slight_smile:


I think it’s been a while since it was updated! I can’t quite remember because I lost interest in its pacing and lack of true conflict :sweat_smile:


lmao. I would have lost interest too. I think recent stories from authors tend too include more diversity although diversity means different things in different contexts. Not everyone can be please though lmao.

I think the chain reaction series is overrated oh and The Shaw brothers and The new girl.


Oh the Chain Reaction series is ridiculously overrated!

Basically every single featured story since the last time Joseph Evans made something :joy: most of the stories make egregious errors that would be laughed out of a publishing company