Stories that you think are overrated


Joseph Evans is one of the only people keeping this app alive.

Episode.Lucky is also phenominal. His story called Galactic Game is to die for :heart_eyes:


I’ll check it out!

Even some of the good featured stories have unfortunate flaws: The Enchantress was an unfitting name and the MC was kinda unlikeable


Also can we take a min to talk about how fetishising gay men is really overrated and damaging??? It’s a trend from fanfic that’s seeping into Episode that I’m not happy with. Gay men are people just everyone else, not a vessel for teenage sexual fantasies :unamused:


I stopped reading that story after she found the flower in the underwater cave. It was kinda boring.


Like in the K*ss List? They have the stereotypical gay best friend.

Gay guys are normal people and not some part of the dream fantasy.


That and also the “I’m a young girl writing about two guys who are MADE for each other because they’re the only two gay guys around and they’re sexy and they argue… now let’s just watch them having sex for the next 60 episodes”

I’ve written some Drarry in which they kiss after expressing their frustration and upset over the war, but it’s the average drarry fanfiction writers who fetishise sexual assault in the LGBT community infiltrating the app


Oh, and “let’s make the WHOLE story about how gay they are!!! Because they don’t need a real personality… and the story doesn’t need a real title”


they have anime specifically for that lmao.

It just builds a boring story and it’s unrealistic. Romance is so much more that attractiveness between partners.

Drarry? what couple is that? Draco and Harry maybe? I’m not sure :sweat_smile:


Yeah Draco and Harry. Some of it gets really…

…no consent.

There are actually stories called “Gay love story” and “mean gays”. So… it’s just a story about your idea of what you think gay people are like… or them being gay is the only plot point in your story. Well done


That’s just sad.


I’m currently writing a story about a girl who was too shy to tell her crush how she felt about her before she went to war, and I am really, really reluctant to label it “LGBTQ” for this reason


I would still use it? I haven’t written a LGBT story although In my current one I have a character who is a lesbian but It’s just part of her story, it’s not some sort of fantasy thing to bring in the readers ya know? I hope your story get’s the recognition it deserves :slight_smile:


Thank you!! :grin: hopefully people won’t say it’s overrated :wink:


Ill read it too


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OMG THANK YOU! I hate seeing stuff like that. Reminds me of this girl I was friends with and she’s like 28 years old and omg she goes crazy over gay men like a teenager. So cringy!! I don’t have a problem with gay people, I just hate the double standards. Like when a woman bashes lesbian women but gets horny over gay men and a man bashes gay men but gets horny over lesbian women.


I’ve noticed that as well. They did that for stories like Crush On Mr Bad Boy and Bad Boys’ Girl


You could have poor grammar & have millions of reads on Episode as long as you write a bad boy cliche. It’s so disappointing.


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