Stories that you think are overrated


Yep. But unfortunately it is impossible at this point to verify age. But on the other hand, if you break the rules, fault on you. And one more point - Episode wants to cover wider range…And I think 13-15 yo are the basis of Episode platform.


I guess so but yeah kids should enjoy being kids instead of dying to get into a serious relationship.


Well, I gotta say M. Peleikis does a good job. I love her stories.
Other are not familiar to me, either I only read one and wasn’t hooked.


Yeah, I like her story BroZoned. Not really a fan of The Teacher and her other stories.


Femmer Fatale is great too I think. And BroZone is definitely original, I gotta agree


BroZoned reminded me of She’s The Man for some reason minus the football (soccer)


Is it a story too? never heard


She’s The Man is a movie with Amanda Byrnes and Channing Tatum in it. It’s a pretty good film.


I personally find great writing inspiration in movies and TV series :slight_smile:


I know right. But I guess there might be more stories like that on Episode.


I’ve tried to read all of these stories, and honestly, I couldn’t get past the first 5 episodes, except for the Curse of Charlie and some of Joseph’s stories. I actually enjoyed reading them.

Moreover, I don’t think it’s bad to drop names. We’re allowed to express our opinions, whether it’s positive or negative. I think it’s unfair that others can praise these stories, but as soon as someone says they don’t like them or that they’re overrated, they get bashed…

Anyway, that’s also just my opinion :sweat_smile:


Completely agree.
I will say it once again. **If you publish your story, it can be praised and bashed fairly, because you put it in public. Can’t handle an opinion? Don’t publish.


I know right. We are free to like and dislike any story that we don’t really have to like


I couldn’t have said it any better! :joy:




I say we formed here a little rebel’s group :smiley:


Haha for sure. I think authors should be able to handle criticism from readers but if they have Asperger’s (I have it too) then yup it’s hard to handle criticism


don’t attack me but I think adrenaline , shaw brothers, and the new girl are all very overrated


Well I guess. But if you know you’re not good with accepting criticism, just turn off story fan mail and don’t go to forums. Solution that is fair to the writer and to readers. Whole community shouldn’t adjust to your fragile personality. I sound like a bitch here, yeah?


That’s the truth