Stories that you think are overrated


I know this is an older reply, but I can’t miss the chance to roast the fetishization of gay men on Episode. It’s like half of the “LGBT” stories on here are just-

Story Title: Gays
Author: iluvgayboyz
Description: gay
The actual plot: Gay, but somehow still weirdly heteronormative
Main characters: Two generic gay white boys with lips at least three shades darker than their actual skin tone who kind of look like siblings.


We all know that isn’t just Episode though. Bit of Tumblr leaking through

I know what you mean though, it’s very worrying >.<


I don’t like Deep Desire for example. It was really boring for me. But Body Tangle I like very much)


LOVE LIFE :kissing_heart::girl:t5::man:t5: Boring Very good graphics and directing but the story was so cliche


I honestly couldn’t get through the first episode. It was long and weirdly paced. Not consistently too fast or too slow, just… weird, and inconsistent. Also, like you said, really cliche. I think most of the appeal was in the visuals.




I wouldn’t say Adrenaline is overrated because when it was out there wasn’t many stories about dystopia. Still there isn’t enough to be overrated. But it is overhyped in my opinion. Ebonni’s other story Fine Line is better than Adrenaline but people always praise Adrenaline.


Overrated Stories:
It starts with a bra
I married a millionaire
The teather
The new girl
Pregnant by…
Read my lips
Hunting bad
Deep attraction
Not interested
Read my lips
Maid for you
My skater lover
The blank page


I just adore Adrenaline. I have read over 200 stories and Adrenaline is my favorite. This is an incredible story, interesting characters that somehow change internally in the course of story, friendship, true love)


it’s just I’ve read better written stories that are no where near as popular as adrenaline or with the same fan base.


i’ve never experienced an “overrated” story, but the last ones the episode team been putting out… yikes.

Love Life is an exception.


coughs Adrenaline coughs Chain Reaction coughs


If I see one more post about Galileo School of Magic - I will throw my phone across the room and take a hammer to the screen! Questionable Directing - Grammar that could use improvement but the author is way to lazy to fix it. Flat characters… Short Episodes… gah list goes on! Did I mention it’s always in the trending? Plus, it only has 144 endings. I could do so much more. (She should be doing 145 endings that way it’s a pretty number if you ask me)


Questionable directing?


@episode.anon Tell me about it. I read one episode of Adrenaline and thought it was pretty boring. Never read the Shaw Brothers but I’m guessing it’s boring as well. I don’t really like The New Girl either. I don’t see what’s cool about having friends with benefits.


@Friza I agree with the list. It’s all cliche and the fact that they’re glorifying stupid stuff like wanting a sugar daddy and so on.


Boy I got bored of these two stories. Like that is glorifying emotional abuse


Maybe its because you never tried? Hehe kiddin
I read the new girl, easy to read, decently made. But nothing extraordinary


Personally I feel like Complicated was a very overrated story, Sure it had its funny moments but I felt like the story was going nowhere? I haven’t read it in a while however. So I don’t know what’s currently going on with the story. Like, first the story was about Ainsley and Kendall making a deal. Then Ainsley developed feelings for Mason. Then they broke up and a lot happened since that. I feel like most scenes had no purpose. I remember this particular moment where that blonde girl and Kendall were fighting for a spot on some exclusive club. Which didn’t make sense. I especially found the characters frustrating. Mostly Kendall though. He’s literally the exact copy of each love interest in almost every romance story.


I liked the New Girl at first but I think it needs an ending. Been dragging on for a long time. I feel that way about a lot of stories.