Stories Under 1k

This is for authors who have less than 1000 reads on their story!

If you want me to read your story then all you have to do is

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But if you don’t, I’ll still give your story a chance and will read 1st chapter and if i really like it then I’ll continue reading your story. :butterfly:

  1. Reply your story name.
    I’ll read your story whenever you’ll publish a new chapter but only if you’ll still have less than 1K reads or if i really liked your story.
    I’ll promote your story on my instagram with screenshots if i really like your story.
    If you want me give your story a shoutout on my instagram then just tell me. (Only if you follow me.)
    And one more thing I Prefer Limelight only. I’m sorry but i never really liked ink.

If you’ll unfollow me after shoutout then i’ll delete your story from my profile. And you’ll be ban from this thread.

So, go ahead! :metal2:

Finished Reading -
• The Mafia’s Kingdom by @Dakota.writes
• The Tale of Alynthia by @Seep_Mukta
• Cry Me An Ocean by @Nightmare
• Queen B Diaries by @adilistic.stories
• i-Humanoids by @HazelJ
• Not So Different by @Chocola
• Twelve by @molly247


Hello lovely, thank you for the thread <3
Story Name: The Mafia’s Kingdom
INsta@ dakota.writes
genre: action/romance
Description: Talia runs one of the most feared gangs in all of new york city, what will happen she she has to unite with another Mafia? will love get in the way or will her past stop her?
Story Link:

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Hiya! Thank you for this thread! :heart:
I just published my revamped story The Tale of ALYNTHIA
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Episode: 3 Out now! More coming soon

Link to the Story:

(If anyone has read it the past, you have to REPLAY the story for the newer version! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

My IG: @mukta.episode

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I’ll follow ur insta!



3 (soon 4)

14 XD


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Thank youu soo much for the thread @Anustories ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:
I followed you On Instagram! :blush:
I want my story to reach at least 1k reads…I worked REALLY hard for this story… :pleading_face:

:butterfly: Here are my story details:
Story Name: Queen B Diaries
Author Name: Adiba Anjum
Author IG: @aa.writes.episode
Chapters: 6 (Fully released)
Description: You are wesome, kind…YES! YOU are the Queen Bee! And people love you! But, can you stop your arch-enemy when she will stop at nothing to dethrone you, and find love along the way?
Story Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance


Hello @Anustories i just followed u :blob_hearts:

Here’s my story

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Heya! Thank you for this thread!!!
INSTA: @hopee_writes
AUTHOR NAME: Hope._.Writes


Hello hello and thank you for this thread ! I would really like you to promote my story… I hope you will like it :blush:

Story : Not so different
Author : Chocola
Description : You don’t look alike and you are not from the same world, but does it mean that it is impossible to fall in love ? You are not so different after all. (Customize your characters)
Genres : Fantasy, romance :heart:
Current chapters : 6 - More episodes coming soon!
Follow me on IG : @chocola.writes

Here is the link :

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Here’s @/Theebee2004 and I’s Christmas story:)
Title : Twelve
Author : Molly & Thea
Genre : Comedy and Romance
Chapters : 3 and more coming soon…
Description : Ah yes, December, Christmas time, but also the perfect time to ask for forgiveness. Join Cody, a former playboy, on his journey to seek forgiveness from his former high school classmates.


Instagram: @kennedymolly97


I’ll follow you in a few minutes :slight_smile:


hey! I just followed you (@/annat.stories) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
hopefully you’ll like my story :blob_hearts:

:sparkles: Story details: :sparkles:
Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
Genre: Adventure
Style: LL
You volunteer to be the first human to test time travel, going only an hour forward with time. But when you leave travel pod, all other humans are gone. (CC)
I send screenshots as proof.

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Title: Human Witchcraft
Author: Bertha

Description: The humans were never supposed to discover the witch world. When one of them crosses the line, Tyra will have to choose between her people safety, or that important human life.
Episodes: 3 & completed
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Directing: Advanced

Instagram: @bertha_episode
Thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes::heart:


Hey it would mean a lot to me if you promote my story :blush:


I’ll go follow you within a second :upside_down_face:
Here is my story, I would love a shootout :blush:

Reveal: He - soon She
Author: @emma.writes.episode
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 7
Description: When your boyfriend delivers you shocking news, you question everything you once knew. With your career in jeopardy, you realize that the true bombshell hadn’t been revealed.

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I’ll also do READ FOR READ Hope you guys can read it, it really means a lot to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s mine🤗

:notebook: THIS IS MY STORY :notebook:
Author: Ava.S
Title: Fallen In Love With Hater
Story Genre: Comedy And Romance
Chapters: 3 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight


(If my English Grammar or Spelling got wrong please tell me🥺)


Hey :slight_smile: ! Thanks for the thread.:blush:
I’d be really happy if you’d take a look at my story…
I followed you on instagram…
Title : Why Don’t You Love Me?
Author :nurella
Style :LL
Genre :Drama,Young-Adult Romance,Comedy
IG :nurella.episode
Description :Defne begins a dangerous game by making a deal with her enemy to win back her ex-boyfriend Alex.İs it really going to be Alex that she wants to win at the end of this twisted game?
Story Link :

Hey thanks for this threat♥️