Stories Wanted!

Hello everybody!
On Instagram a brand new group has been created by myself and
It is called @SweetnSour.epi!
We created this group to give reviews to new authors, and authors trying to get their stories out there!
Not only do we do reviews, but we also are going to be doing
:tangerine: Shout-Outs
:icecream: Story Recommendations
:candy: Contests
And lastly
:cookie: Story of the Month

If you would like a review from us, please follow us on Instagram and fill out the form! :relaxed:
We can’t wait to hear from you!

As for R4R, my R4R’s are open, please DM at @sarahthebeaut.epi on Instagram, or Message me on here! :slight_smile:
My info for my story is:
Title: I’m Just Me
Author: Sarah the Beaut
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Genre: Drama
Summary: Alice is your typical “rebel teenager”, but what happens when she goes through self-discovery while facing problems, secrets, and heartbreak?
Instagram: @sarahthebeaut.epi

Thank you! :doughnut:


Please review my story and let me know what y’all think!!! Thank you so much
Title: First Love
Genre: Romance
Author: Chanell
Style: Limelight
Description: Love, Lies, and Betrayl! Help Chay make choices through everything going on as she finds he first love!
Link: 3


Do you have an Instagram? If so, please go to our Instagram page and fill out the form in the bio. @sweetnsour.epi

Thank you for replying! :slight_smile:

I don’t have insta that’s why I messaged on here

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Well, when I’ll get Insta (end of May-beginning of June) I’ll go do that!

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@ChayChay & @dasha_author
I’m talking with our other reviewer and asking if we can do it this way.
Still post on our page your story review, and send it to you on here.
I should have an answer soon. :slight_smile:


Okie, sounds good!

Title: Shape Shifting Madness
Author: Dasha (me)
Style: Ink
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 14 (Completed!)
Summary: Follow the life of an awkward twenty one year old woman who can shape shift into anyone she wants! Choices matter!

Hey I would be okay with doing a read for read with you :slight_smile:
Here’s my story link: 5
My story is called “Trouble In Princess Paradise”
Princess Rose, always had everything she’s desired.What happens when the Solar Eclipse happens and strange things begin occurring?Will Rose be able to keep the 4 kingdoms together?
My instagram is : rosina.episode

I’ll message you once I finished your reading story,which should be by tonight!~

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Hi there, sounds great!
I’ll start yours now! :slight_smile:
Thank you for replying!

@ChayChay & @dasha_author
I can still do your review through here, and your review and story will be posted on our Instagram page!
@ChayChay Please comment below or send me through a Message on here the following details.
Story Title:
CC or no CC?
How many Chapters would you like reviewed?

And that would be all. :slight_smile:

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Title: First Love
Genre: Romance
Author: Chanell
Style: Limelight
Description: Love, Lies, and Betrayl! Help Chay make choices through everything going on as she finds he first love!
review: All 5 if possible
Link: 3

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I just want to say that I’ve just read the first episode, and I am loving it! :heart_eyes:

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How many episodes would you like reviewed?

Thank you!:heart: I’m reading yours right now

Hello, this is my first story. I would really appreciate if you could review my story.

My info for my story is:
Title: The mysterious stalker
Author: SimplyPoncahontas
Episodes: 3
Genre: Mystery
Summary: You just moved back to your hometown after 5 years and starting in college. While you are settling into your new life with college, boys and new friends, you are being stalked.
Instagram: @simplyponcahontas

Hi there, did you submit on our Instagram page? @sweetnsour.epi

No, but I will do that now.

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Okay, thank you. It just makes it so much easier if a form is filled out on there, if you have an Instagram.
We appreciate it! :relaxed:

I have submitted to your intstagram now. :smiley:

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