Stories we're sick and tired of seeing in the trending and featured section



Thx I probably should actually, all these horrible stories have ruined the image of troubled boys


Go ahead! I’ll support you all the way.


Throw the whole trending page away.


So True.


omg yes honey, throw that shade :joy:


Seems like the logical solution at this point. I’m still wondering about who in their right mind in the Episode team is looking at that section and still going “This is great, just perfect for a PG13 app!”.


I still think that bad boys shouldn’t be the kind of people anyone should aspire to be with, and therefore shouldn’t be promoted as the standard of love like this app portrays it. However I respect your parents’ choice to be together and what you’ve shared sounds like a really interesting story. If you do decide to write it, please come back to share the link :blush:


If you want to write a story that gets a lot of reads, but you don’t want to write about a cliche bad boy thing, then something that might be fun would be to write about trying to get a little boy to behave but he’s wreaking havoc or what seems like havoc. Then you could put bad boy in the title and have the description be accurate (so it doesn’t seem like a lie) but make it sound like a normal bod boy story.


They are probably going “This is great, just perfect for manipulating children into paying us hundreds of dollars!”

I am not trying to bully the Episode team.


You’ve listed just about every single plot on Episode, what else is there to write about. Stories need drama and unrealistic plots, to let us escape from reality


What do I see in the trending page?
Hmmm. Let me think about that.
What kind of romance stories?
Well, I see a few thousand “dirty” or “deadly” or “deep” desire ones!
What are they about?
Some guy falls MADLY and BLINDLY in love with the mc and some annoying drama thing happens.
Then 5646 bad boy stories!
In those, the mc falls in love with a trashy bad boy who sleeps with every girl he sees and then he’s mean but he still falls in love with the mc because she’s “different” than the hundreds of other girls so he turns nice!
Now I see some naughty gang stories.
What happens in those?
The mc gets kidnapped and falls in love with a gang guy who turns nice and leaves the gang and marries the mc.
Is there anything else?
Well, after scrolling past a few ten thousand or so stories, you might see a test story or two.
How about a good story without romance?

If I was choosing a symbol to represent (the majority of) the trending page, I just might choose a trash can.


I want people to know that sometimes troubled boys just have unfortunate circumstances, and that they can really change their lives for the better.


This was more entertaining than a lot of stories I’ve read :joy::purple_heart:


“What else is there to write about?”
Why, an infinite amount of things! It’s literally up to the limits of our imagination :blush: I do agree though, the things I’ve listed do make the majority of plots on Episode, which is exactly where the problem lies.


I think his name is Trey. I get what you mean. I won’t read Chain reaction because I have seen so much of it plastered all over Instagram that It looks boring to me. I feel like the plot has been overdone and apparently the second story in the series is a copy of the first one. These sort of relationships are what get Men and Women put in prison.


RIGHT! Back on the old forums I made an old post about ranting against “Chain Reaction” I hated that story because of the way Trey treated Callie.


His character died so she won’t be treated like that now.


I can see them in all sections of each genres and I’m fed up with seeing these not so creative stupid shippings between a good girl and bad boy. Are they saying that girls cannot be independent and will ALWAYS need a boy in their life? Like what they can’t seem to defend themselves because they are too weak?

Do they think it’s so cute that a bad boy or gang leader puts down the female mc?

eg. LI (aka jerk face): why would I fall for you your just a worthless piece of sh*t I just found in the gutter.
Mc: :cry::cry::cry:
Jerk face LI: laughing stupid girl. What was she thinking me and her. Pathetic. walks away
Mc: still crying I can’t believe he would do this to me.
few days later
Jerk face: OMG I’m so sorry baby I would never say those things to you. I was just lying to get your attention.
Mc: (naive) really you would do that for me?? blushes
Jerk face: of course babe, now come here and let’s make up smirking
Mc: okay! :heart_eyes:
Random person: aww I ship these two together till the end.
Me: :expressionless: isn’t this type of relationship very abusive? questioning my generation’s perspective of romance to be a lie?
Random person: no this is true love why can’t you just see that?
Me: done with your shit I’m just going to keep it real, you can’t just be with a badboy or gang leader that you have just met. You see here this is what happens when a boy puts you down and call you those things. You know whats worse being in a relationship with a person like that boy, he will be that type of guy to treat you like garbage and he will have one of his rebounds to relieve his “stress” and will never see or remember you again. You will end up getting heartbroken when he sees you with a girl in his arms and he tells her that you mean nothing to him. Do you really want to go for that in a relationship?
Random person: speechless
Me: Exactly, So do not associate the mc with an abusive love interest.

I swear if some jerk face say those kinds of thing to me in real life, I would just :facepunch: him in the face or I would ignore him to infinity and beyond.
This is just my honest perspective on how this is a false representation of romance
I see these feeds in Episode trending stories.
Alot of people or fans of these stories are saying that shipping a hot jerk face bad boy who typically is rich and hot with a poor outcast, naive and innocent female protagonist is so cute.
And also how they consider this is relationship goals. So are they saying that an abusive relationship is goals???
Wait a minute am I hearing things right or what?
They would want a relationship with a person who would treat you like garbage. scoff U.N.A.C.C.E.P.T.A.B.L.E!!!
but I’m so sorry but if I have to be really honest with you. it’s not gonna work out.
Find someone who will accept you for who you are and will treat you like a princess.


I wonder what percent of Episode stories don’t contain romance.


Some things that really bug me in Episode stories that I think happen way too much:

When the main character faints a lot. In a lot of stories the mc faints once maybe twice but sometimes they just won’t stay awake long enough for me to enjoy the story. I especially hate it when she faints from a single punch or something.

When the main character has some supernatural things but her parents hid it from her to “keep her safe.” These stories can be pretty good but I really want to see a story where the mc actually knows she is supernatural. And maybe a bit less of the chosen one thingy would be good too.

When you’re supposed to customize the love interests but the narrator keeps saying “make him hot! Wink wink.” How is a 2d picture supposed to be hot? And taking off his shirt just makes it worse. And the wink wink thing never works like it’s supposed to because the reader knows that the mc will probably be forced to fall in love with at least one of them.

When the mc falls in love with all of the love interests despite the choices the reader made. Most of the time they’re all about the same with different clothes and hair, one of them is supposedly sweet but usually just annoying and the other is a trashy bad boy thing (Like @RawrFlurry said, some bad boys are good.) And it would be nice if we could choose to be single instead. I’m okay with some characters flirting with the mc, as long as I don’t have to flirt back.

How the cliche best friend character ALWAYS knows EXACTLY what the mc is thinking or feeling. When she teases the mc for supposedly falling in love with someone (at first sight, as usual) it means the mc has fallen in love with someone, of course at first sight.

Something that I want to see more of is werewolf stories. And by that I mean the feral human eating lycan, not the flimsy pup who runs away from her oh so evil old pack and meets her dumb mate who is the alphas son of his pack and he shows the mc around the ‘pack house,’ and it’s just a normal house. Okay that’s not bad but why do werewolves always have cell phones? Why do they have to go to human school? There is absolutely no point in the pack thing. They don’t do anything wild or wolfy except… ‘go for a run’ occasionally. They always have some rival pack, but why? There’s no point in that, they are just normal humans who can turn into dogs. I guess it’s for the nonexistent hunting area they never use. The mc always goes to school and says: “I can smell at least ten other werewolves in this school.” If you’re going to go to school, maybe add some plot twist? Maybe lure someone to the bathroom and eat them 'cuz you’re a werewolf and that’s what I want you to do in those stories. But I would rather you run about killing everybody with your super strength stuff. Throw them against the walls and rip them up! Okay that sounds mean but that is what real werewolves do. And also if the story is about vampires maybe you should stop feeding your characters cherry flavored blood bags and let them feast on a real delicacy. Just something living. And by the way vampires are just like dried humans to the werewolves. They’ll eat them, I’m sure.