Stories we're sick and tired of seeing in the trending and featured section



No! I’m not being sarcastic, just surprised and actually amazed.


I actually wanted to write his story at some point to change peoples minds on bad boys but then I figured it wouldn’t be much appreciated in the Bad Boy category on Episode.


I think you should write it. It sounds kinda inspiring.


Thx I probably should actually, all these horrible stories have ruined the image of troubled boys


Go ahead! I’ll support you all the way.


Throw the whole trending page away.


So True.


omg yes honey, throw that shade :joy:


Seems like the logical solution at this point. I’m still wondering about who in their right mind in the Episode team is looking at that section and still going “This is great, just perfect for a PG13 app!”.


I still think that bad boys shouldn’t be the kind of people anyone should aspire to be with, and therefore shouldn’t be promoted as the standard of love like this app portrays it. However I respect your parents’ choice to be together and what you’ve shared sounds like a really interesting story. If you do decide to write it, please come back to share the link :blush:


If you want to write a story that gets a lot of reads, but you don’t want to write about a cliche bad boy thing, then something that might be fun would be to write about trying to get a little boy to behave but he’s wreaking havoc or what seems like havoc. Then you could put bad boy in the title and have the description be accurate (so it doesn’t seem like a lie) but make it sound like a normal bod boy story.


They are probably going “This is great, just perfect for manipulating children into paying us hundreds of dollars!”

I am not trying to bully the Episode team.


You’ve listed just about every single plot on Episode, what else is there to write about. Stories need drama and unrealistic plots, to let us escape from reality


What do I see in the trending page?
Hmmm. Let me think about that.
What kind of romance stories?
Well, I see a few thousand “dirty” or “deadly” or “deep” desire ones!
What are they about?
Some guy falls MADLY and BLINDLY in love with the mc and some annoying drama thing happens.
Then 5646 bad boy stories!
In those, the mc falls in love with a trashy bad boy who sleeps with every girl he sees and then he’s mean but he still falls in love with the mc because she’s “different” than the hundreds of other girls so he turns nice!
Now I see some naughty gang stories.
What happens in those?
The mc gets kidnapped and falls in love with a gang guy who turns nice and leaves the gang and marries the mc.
Is there anything else?
Well, after scrolling past a few ten thousand or so stories, you might see a test story or two.
How about a good story without romance?

If I was choosing a symbol to represent (the majority of) the trending page, I just might choose a trash can.


I want people to know that sometimes troubled boys just have unfortunate circumstances, and that they can really change their lives for the better.


This was more entertaining than a lot of stories I’ve read :joy::purple_heart:


“What else is there to write about?”
Why, an infinite amount of things! It’s literally up to the limits of our imagination :blush: I do agree though, the things I’ve listed do make the majority of plots on Episode, which is exactly where the problem lies.


I think his name is Trey. I get what you mean. I won’t read Chain reaction because I have seen so much of it plastered all over Instagram that It looks boring to me. I feel like the plot has been overdone and apparently the second story in the series is a copy of the first one. These sort of relationships are what get Men and Women put in prison.


RIGHT! Back on the old forums I made an old post about ranting against “Chain Reaction” I hated that story because of the way Trey treated Callie.


His character died so she won’t be treated like that now.