Stories we're sick and tired of seeing in the trending and featured section



Maybe in their countries, they are the most natural thing.


Tbh I quite liked Eric, he seemed like a sweet guy, but I know what you mean. Andre and Vic were way too dramatic for me lol
Even so, I didn’t like the cheating and it made me feel uneasy about the main character.


By Beth? She meant it to be a satirical story: it’s tongue-in-cheek, though I wish it was a bit more apparent since her LGBT stories (Playing Her Game and Waiting in the Wings, which is my personal favorite) are actually fantastic.

I’m sure she must be livid that Forbidden Pleasures has gotten up there immediately compared to the stories she actually worked hard on, though.


Adrenaline is not progressive at all either.

You do not get brownie points for NOT hitting your partner (Derek fangirls lol), and again, the treatment of POC is abhorrent. Liane is too much of a Mary-Sue and kind of dumb at times tbh. It’s not a “dystopian” story of womens rights regressing if countries and places still exist today lmao.

It seems like the males in the story only care about women rights if it immediately only applies to their female loved ones (Liane’s dad, Derek). Liane’s mom sexually assaulted an unwilling Derek and no one batted an eye for that. The list is endless.


FACTS GIRL FACTS. You hit all the points of everything that is wrong with adrenaline. Like the fandom glamorizes derek so much when he’s problematic as hell. And I agree it feels as if Liane has no personality or voice of her own and yet she’s automatically a leader of a rebellion in which it felt like it was literally over night. Also once again the cheating was tasteless and yet the author still stands by it. I hope she never writes a romance story cuz she clearly can’t do romance that is healthy and actually romantic. And yeah i know forbidden pleasures is satire. If anything, I’m blaming the readers not the author lmao because i know the author has written many inclusive non cliché stories before.


See this post: Stories that you think are overrated


And not to mention, since all these stories are on the trending section, new writers who want popularity would aim to recycle these plots in order to get more readers . I mean, seriously, sometimes I’m surprised by what’s on the romance section. I can’t believe Episode allows for these story covers and not to mention put them on trending.


The reason why these stories are on the trending is because they have many readers and have a lots of reads in a small amount of time and that they are big, I’m pretty sure Episode itself doesn’t choose what stories go big and what don’t


They have the power to.


AHHH this is exactly what i thought!!! that’s why i never read any episode official story because it’s just too cliche. i always spend my time to read community stories because there’s lots of good story there. and good quality too! they’ll always impress me for how many hours they spend to write such a good story (some of my fav: The Watchers, The Infected, Moonlit Feathers. highly recommended!) now that i tried to write too, i know the struggle and girl do i just want to throw that shit away:joy: i really hope episode stop this kind of story and actually have a good story.


when I returned to episode in January 2018 I never looked at the trending and featured, I straight away done a few searches and found a few good ones by doing so. Adrenaline I love it though I do hate how Derek has treated Lianne and hate how Lianne has been kissing pretty much everyone in the gang like doesn’t she have self control? Liannes mum abusing Derek is not a good example to give young readers neither, I would hope the readers wouldn’t go copying what they see/read, I still love the story nevertheless.

Oh same for me with my upcoming story The boy without a voice, based on a true story and so hard to write, I wrote the 1st chapter but haven’t manged to do the next 2 so I can publish.


Honestly, I hate when stories have a young girl falling for her “hot” or “sexy” teacher! It makes me so angry because that is such a toxic relationship! Also when the girl falls for the guy whose child she is babysitting or taking care of. I hate this because he has a certain power over her. Or those stories where MC falls for the Sugar Daddy and she gets pregnant or something for that. I really hate that the authors are making the males have control over her life. I also really hate when the girl is super flustered by the guy. It makes me mad because when you think about it, that relationship could never work because she would always be so nervous around him because he’s hot or something dumb like that.

I actually don’t hate the stories when the LI is part of the mafia or a gang, but only when he isn’t some cold-hearted jerk and the mafia or gang he’s part of is more of a family that protects each other.


YES! I don’t read episode official stories either because (1) the stories are super cliche. (2) the diamond choices are super annoying and you’d need like 20,000 diamonds to do what you would actually want to do. (and 3) even though the writing is better (like the grammar and spelling and stuff) the girl MC would always be super nervous around the bad boy love interest! I HATE THAT!!!

Also, I LOVE The Watchers and The Infected. Another one of my favs is Total Chaos, it is so good! And Sam (the MC) can actually hold her own, because I hate it when the girl is portrayed as weak and I love it when she can defend herself and fight back against… whoever she needs to protect herself from.


Oh my gosh, yes! I’ve seen some story covers that are so inappropriate! That’s why I avoid the romance section because it’s all about sex appeal and stupid stuff like that. Also I have seen a lot of stories with the same plot.


I completely agree with everything you said. Featured stories or popular romance ones always put the female in a position where she’s powerless in comparison to her LI! Like you said, teacher and boss stories are both toxic, and I’ll add in werewolf romance stories too. There’s always strong male alphas fighting over the innocent, shy, beautiful, humble MC. Annoys me to no end.


I’m concentrating on my other two because The Jenkins is so heart-breaking. I will continue it… Just in my own time.

The other two have more chapters out and have more chapters coming between January and April.

This is me - Is based on myself, I’ve just added things in

Mafia Star - Is based completely by my imagination. !



Big fat agree. Where are the high quality stories like back in the past?


I’d rather see stories with low reads in the trending section because I feel that authors with low reads never get noticed enough


If they have low reads, they wouldn’t be in the trending section.


They may be in the trending section, but because they have low reads, they are never noticed.

The lower stories need a shelf of there own, one that stories can and will be noticed