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agree! agree agree agree!!!


If you haven’t read the original version of Bad Boy Roommate by @MelissaLaVone you might be judging the story a little harshly by the bad boy part in the title.
In fact this story is a beautiful, pretty inspirational story that tackles sensitive and realistic life topics really well. There’s no stereotypical bad boy behaviour in this story, just because it’s in the title. I loved this story when I read it and seriously suggest to anyone who enjoys reading a good and well developed story, to check it out.
She worked so hard on making this story and really did a fantastic job.
Just wanted to point that out as by your message I presume you are thinking it’s just a bad boy romance. Instead it’s a great read with brilliant characters and plot.


Thank you so much for this comment! I really appreciate it. I understand that at first glance it looks like there’s nothing particularly new or unique about “Bad Boy Roommate”. But the title and general plot is deceiving. I worked really hard on developing the characters and touching on topics that matter to me. It was the first story I ever wrote so it’s not perfect and I know there are plenty of talented authors that deserve to be noticed but I’m proud of the story I wrote. So far I think Episode is doing a pretty good job recreating it for a new audience.


You’re more than welcome, it’s a wonderful story, one of my top favourites and you are a fantastic author. You did a great job creating it and I’m glad you are proud, you should be :heart:.

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Oml amen! :laughing: :clap:t2: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Almost every story where you get pregnant it’s always twins. Fraternal twins. Boy and girl.

It’s not THAT COMMON you know!


Omg right! I agree

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I totally agree with what you’re saying! At my high school, everyone just kind of talks to everyone, regardless of what “clique” you are in, so to speak. I wish I could see certain cliques in episode stories not portrayed in such a stereotypical manner, because it’s such a false portrayal of what actually goes on in school!


Pretty much the two trending ones now. Bad Boy Roomate And Unexpectedly Unexpecting. Like we don’t have enough of these stories already.


she female has sex once and bam!
She’s pregnant


I think they should start clearing out stories that are like that because there are plenty of other amazing stories that don’t get half the recognition they deserve.


I’m very scared to say this and people WILL get mad at me but. I THINK LOCO AMOR IS OVERRATED oh yeah and The Shaw brothers as well


Yess! Or if the MC progressively gets evil…


Pregnancy stories should say goodbye…


Episode stories in a nutshell:
Looks at guy
Guy looks back
Girl becomes pregnant


I agree with all this 100%! A personal pet peeve of mine is when two characters start off hating each other, then fall in love.


Loathe this trope
U hate someone and immediately start to “loove” them(cuz it was secretly “lust”)…no if i hate you i hate you -.-


Hi there. Just gonna leave this here, but I agree and disagree with your post in many ways. As an Episode Author myself, I have written a few stories on episode both using and avoiding certain cliches. Most of them have reached a large audience and gotten a lot of good feedback; so I think it’s not necessarily to bash the general group of authors altogether. I have seen many take on a really good writing technique to modernise old clichés and really made it work great. I myself have done this a few times and it seemed to work splendidly. (A damsel in distress with a strong Male lead: but plot twist, the damsel initiates to become strong and independent too) or (an arranged marriage where the couple hate each other but, despite the odds, as they get to know each other they realise that they could actually learn to love and respect each other ) I guess it depends on the cliché and whether it is used or developed in the correct way.

Now, I’m not being harsh here when it comes to opinions as every one is entitled to their own. I agree that some clichés have been over used and negatively developed, like falling for an abusive MC or falling for mafia gang leaders. I can’t handle those and I generally just stay away from mafia stories. You make a very good argument about some of these clichés as well. Some of them are just absolutely rediculous and shouldn’t be on episode. And love triangles… bleh! It’s the most annoying concept ever and so unrealistic to think two men and a woman will keep chasing you despite knowing that you are having romantic feels for all three of them at the same time. I have never written a story with a love triangle and I probably never will.

So, as an episode Author I feel that some clichés can really be cool if used in a positive and original way, but I agree with you that others are tiresome and irritating. All in all, the best solution is to report the stories that are going against content guidelines and just ignore the badly written stories altogether.


okay… this is gonna be a long rant.


i hate this. absolutely. the term “bad” gets thrown around too often. just because someone was expelled or suspended doesn’t make them a bad person. but that’s not what im talking about at all. i don’t like how stories are throwing that word around, but i especially don’t how these stories end. the bad boy meets a girl, falls in love with her and changes for her. three simple steps that are replaying each episode. it’s boring and uncreative. it’s like the author didn’t have anything else to write, so they just did this every episode:
bad boy sees girl.
bad boy feels different about her than other girls.
girl starts falling in love.
boy starts falling in love.
and it’s like that for about 40 episodes when you could’ve just ended the story at 10. they’re just dragging the story line which eventually makes you want to throw the story in the trash. period.


the stories im about to mention… many people know them.
the chain reaction and it’s just an illusion series.
i read every single story and im in utter disbelief. the stories are all replays of one another. they all make the guys seem strong while the girls are weak and need the guy for everything. it’s dumb. i don’t recommend reading these stories. hate me? i don’t care. it’s my opinion.

but it’s not just that. gang leaders meeting a random girl and the girl changing the gang leader i- NO. it’s unrealistic and idiotic. not to mention, boring. absolutely boring. i want to see more realism in these stories! what if the gang leader was in love with someone else the whole time or- the main female MC kills the gang leader… there are endless possibilities with dangerous stories like these, yet you decided to make the girl fall in love with the big bad gang leader and then have her change him… ABSOLUTELY NOT. i hate that. im sorry, it’s true. same with mafia leaders.


do i really have to say anything about this? i don’t like it. it’s a bad influence for younger readers and love is love, but this should not be promoted on a public platform.


sometimes can be really effective to create a good story, but they’re often overused, leaving the story a bit boring. it can be good at times, but i don’t know.


i’m sorry, but it seems like this app has a lot of teen pregnancy stories. i don’t like that because they’re making something so serious into a romance story… i really don’t support these types of things because i don’t think they capture the realism and seriousness of teen pregnancy. again, i don’t think stories like these should be so popular on public platforms.

i’ll be adding much more later.