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Episode put out a ‘‘new’’ story named;’‘Bad Boy Roommate’’ And i littlerly wanted to scrape my eyes out

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Seriously, Episode? Why has it become something that has sworn to destroy?
I remember I read something a LONG time ago, something about “tips”. I don’t remember what page, but I bet it was published around Episode Classic days. And it said “don’t write [insert cliche] story or [insert another cliche]”. In addition, on their FAQ page under “How do I get featured?” section it says:

“Be creative! Publish a story that is really unique, that makes us say “WOW!” in the first 20 lines and refuse to put it down.”

I know why and it doesn’t surprise me. Episode is slowly reminding me of YouTube. It’s like one YouTuber can make a video about [insert whatever topic] and get it gets taken down while another YouTuber who is more popular and does the same video gets away with it. Having that in mind, it all comes down to one thing: KA-ching! Money! Episode found out that cliche stories sell like…you know, anything that sells easy. They know that a cliche story makes quick buck. So, if we are all in the hopes that all of the other cliche stories will go away, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.


agree! agree agree agree!!!


If you haven’t read the original version of Bad Boy Roommate by @MelissaLaVone you might be judging the story a little harshly by the bad boy part in the title.
In fact this story is a beautiful, pretty inspirational story that tackles sensitive and realistic life topics really well. There’s no stereotypical bad boy behaviour in this story, just because it’s in the title. I loved this story when I read it and seriously suggest to anyone who enjoys reading a good and well developed story, to check it out.
She worked so hard on making this story and really did a fantastic job.
Just wanted to point that out as by your message I presume you are thinking it’s just a bad boy romance. Instead it’s a great read with brilliant characters and plot.


Thank you so much for this comment! I really appreciate it. I understand that at first glance it looks like there’s nothing particularly new or unique about “Bad Boy Roommate”. But the title and general plot is deceiving. I worked really hard on developing the characters and touching on topics that matter to me. It was the first story I ever wrote so it’s not perfect and I know there are plenty of talented authors that deserve to be noticed but I’m proud of the story I wrote. So far I think Episode is doing a pretty good job recreating it for a new audience.


You’re more than welcome, it’s a wonderful story, one of my top favourites and you are a fantastic author. You did a great job creating it and I’m glad you are proud, you should be :heart:.

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Oml amen! :laughing: :clap:t2: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Almost every story where you get pregnant it’s always twins. Fraternal twins. Boy and girl.

It’s not THAT COMMON you know!


Omg right! I agree

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I totally agree with what you’re saying! At my high school, everyone just kind of talks to everyone, regardless of what “clique” you are in, so to speak. I wish I could see certain cliques in episode stories not portrayed in such a stereotypical manner, because it’s such a false portrayal of what actually goes on in school!

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Pretty much the two trending ones now. Bad Boy Roomate And Unexpectedly Unexpecting. Like we don’t have enough of these stories already.

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she female has sex once and bam!
She’s pregnant


I’m sick of seeing Limelight stories,stories that involve cheating and I hate bad boys I just want a nice guy story

I think they should start clearing out stories that are like that because there are plenty of other amazing stories that don’t get half the recognition they deserve.

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