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This is what I decided to do in my fairy tale entry.
Whilst I still have read and enjoyed some stories with multiple love interests, I prefer 1.
I hate when you have an MC who leads on both with no consequences, and the (usually guys) never discover the other relationship or they never mind, they just both love her and are obsessed with her. It’s unrealistic and bothers me. Plus choosing which love interest can be hard at times as it’s always like you’re breaking one of their hearts as you’ve pretty much been forced to lead on both.
Given that I chose to do Snow White as my story, instead of dwarves, there’s 7 men in the male love interest branch, and 7 women in the female love interest branch. But there will only be one love interest, whom you can choose yourself after getting to know them a bit more. Rather than leading them all on, only the one chosen will progress romantically. I know some people like to play the field in stories, and nothing is wrong with that. But my preference is not to. So I didn’t want that to be an option here.

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“high school bathroom stall” bruh! :rofl::joy::sob::skull_and_crossbones:


And apart from bite my tongue the women are all scantily dressed