Stories where choices matter!


Hellooooo, I really am out of new stories to read, but I only tend to like the ones where choices actually matter and are well written, can anyone name me a few, please? :smiley: <3

Some examples I’ve already read: Adrenaline. Stripped, The Shaw Brothers, My Psycho, Celebrities, Accidental Agent, The Renegades, The Blank Page, The Trophy Wife, Love is a drug, my bad boys, dirty little secrets, etc…

The more choices matter the better, if choices matter more than just choosing a love interest is awesomeeee!


Okay well I love the story “Dirty Little Secrets” by Cindy Gaultier & she always makes a point of saying choices matter!!

Also “Not SO Beneficial” by Soe Jaded, choices definitely matter and the story’s amazing!


Oh wait I obviously didn’t read your post properly as you said you already read Dirty Little Secrets… whoops sorry!! Try her other stories “Envy” and “The Hollywood Scandal” ?


Ahaha that’s ok :slight_smile: I actually didn’t read those yet, I’ll check them out, thank you!


No problem, hope you enjoy them! Xx


H & V: Fate by @Alex_Af
Also if you like mini games, this story is the one you’re looking for!


Thank you very much, TT, that’s very very sweet of you!



Try “Love,Julien” its preey good…


I would also suggest any story by @EliseC. My personal favourite is Spotlight: Maternal Instincts, the story really kept me hooked! Cyberstalk is a great series, especially season 2. Hit and Run is also great, even though it’s my least favourite.

Also try stories by @Mavis, they all have complex branching! (they are all different and would suit any taste — Stolen Kingdom, Wanderlust Academy, Curse you, Mummy and the Perks of being famous, and the very much anticipated Stranded!)

Betrothed by @Langdon also has some important plot-changing choices, I really enjoyed it, even though my personal favourite is Faking Death.

And last but not least is Your Silhouette by @anby. Believe me, choices in her story will really make you bite your nails, especially the romantic ones!


Thank you a lot ! :slight_smile:


Oh thank you so so much for such a list and the details :smile: just checked your story and I must say I’ve added it to my favorites! I’ll definitely check those out :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you so much, I feel very happy now! :sob::sob::sob::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

I am just a big fan of meaningful choices as I think that this is what Episode is all about: choosing your story. That’s why I focus on choices in my stories and always track authors who also put a lot of effort into complex branching.


I know, I think that an app like episode was meant for choices to be meaningful! :smiley: You’re doing such a great job and I am only at the start of your story, it should’ve more reads, I’ll make sure to talk about it with my friends and publish it in my episode social medias :stuck_out_tongue: nice job!


I am soooo deeply touched now, thanks you very much, it means a lot! :pray::pray::pray:

If you want, you can check out my IG ( for sneak peeks, art and contests. I have launched a small contest-mini game in my stories for my Fantastical entry, it seems to be fun.

Thank you very much again for all your kind words and support, it really means the world to me and motivates me immensely!



You don’t need to thank me :smile::smile: you just need to keep writing and I’m sure you’ll go big in no time! I’ll definitely check that out :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Hit n Run by Elise C - I will never not recommend this!
Envy by Cindy G was already mentioned, but I’m saying it again because it’s really good.
Songbird - it was one of the H&V contest winners, this one’s good too.




already on episode 15 of Envy and just started a few hours ago :smile::smile: thank you, I’ll make sure to check those out!


The Ruby Tiara
Do You Know Me both by @wincyyellow
Another one is BroZoned


Thank you! :smiley:
Also, I’ve read Mavis’s Stranded and can confirm that choices matter and it’s a great story so far! :wink: